Crystal Travel Reveals Places to Relieve Divorce Stress Part 1

Heard someone saying, ‘Recently I’ve gone through a bad divorce’, and then he went to surf in Miami. He found the healing of the mind and soul in the ocean as well as in fellow-surfers. His ultimate comment was, ‘Dissociate from the place of heartaches when you’re 4000 miles away’.
Travellers can connect that a change of place and environment removes every worry and pain and helps clear your head as well as energizes your spirit. It’s always helpful to put a physical space between you and your ex-spouse. For that, trips are the ideal dose that people need to cope up with life’s challenges.
Now where to release that aggression? Sign Up for yoga, a spa treatment, face the sea and explore the underwater gems, walk the lanes of Greece, Turkey or trek the Himalayas of India. The options are limitless. Here are few more:

Piedmont, Italy

You can try cycling through the hill town and vineyards of Piedmont that offers the charm of Italy. You come across castles, hot springs and attractive wine cellars. The quaint surrounding will surely give a relaxed mind and peace in your heart. After all, you’re walking on  God’s creation.

Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

While weddings take place at this beach resort, divorcees do desire this secluded region comprised of 19 villas. Your trip includes snorkeling, fishing and several surprises all-through your stay.

Kemptville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Imagine spending few days without a TV, proper cell-phone service or even room keys; which means, it’s you yourself and only you. Your best pastime would be to look for moose and black bears lurking around. Try your hand on cooking seafood for a change. You’ll soon see things falling in place as you spend time gazing the night sky sitting on your easy chair.

La Jolla, CA

You can actually leave your troubles on the land when you step into a five-day Surf School which is located few meters at a walking distance from the chic Hotel La Jolla, which was launched in 2012. Talk to a fellow swimmer or surfer and laze around the beach stuffing your past behind and looking forward to something great and better.

Amazon, Peru

Hey, hey! Since you’re single, doesn’t mean you have to explore everything all alone. Join other adventure seekers in search of sloths, dolphins and other rare species. Embark on this 10-day tour of the Amazon River and few other thriving reserves. All you have in your list is night time wildlife tours, exploring Ribereno village and once in a lifetime chance to catch a red piranha.
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