Crystal Travel Reveals Places to Relieve Divorce Stress Part 2

We continue leading you to places that can give you newer insights, relaxation of the mind and let go of the horror that you’ve just faced. Breakout from the four walls of your home and visit these stunning places that can make you stand from the atrocities and the repercussions of the divorce that you might have just gone through.

New Orleans

The city or New Orleans, or Nola is perfect for some good times and good music. The annual Jazz and Heritage Festival conjures up big and famous names to the city every spring. From the soothing R&B, Bluegrass, Cajun, Zydeco and Jazz, bring in your soul mates and sip while you take in the city fully.


Lending a helping hand is surely a proper way to acquire a much satisfying perspective after separation. An Indian program known as WWOOF provides opportunities to learn about organic farming, techniques for ayurvedic growth and harvest crops for few hours every day. It’s a fruitful time among urban land in India.

Tucson, Arizona

The question that springs up in Tucson is, ‘What’s your Everest?’ Enter the world of rock climbing, zip lining or tight rope walking while soaking the sunshine of the desert and experiencing a relishing spa treatment. Sap, it is said that it enables people to face a time of relaxation as well as surrender their fear while going down into Forgiveness and Loving Kindness Meditations.


Bury your sorrows in this captivating canal city where the food and art scenes flourish all the more. After a ravishing gondola ride, continue your tour at the Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum admiring the works of various artists. Savour new and authentic cuisines head to Bolenius and find your way back to your hotel room.

Pacuare Gorge, Costa Rica

Free your mind among the lush rainforests and mountainous rivers in Costa Rica. Try reaching the edge of the Pacuare River by foot or through the waters. Dare to try out a 4-day excursion to get your nerves shaken? Well, be brave enough to paddle through Class IV rapids, hike towards several waterfalls and zipline through the forest’s canopy.

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