Crystal Travel Reveals Ten Weird New Year Traditions Worldwide

What will be your attire for this New Year? Gaudy dress, glittering jewels and shiny shoes, is it so? Well, several places around the world just itch to do something unusual ever New Year. As for most of us, the New Year denotes a brand new beginning. We love flipping the new calendar, marking our plans and promises and doing every crazy thing we can think of.
In many countries, people share a belief and take specific actions which are believed to make an impact in their lives throughout the year. No matter how strange it may seem, these customs and practices bring confidence as well as enthusiasm. So ready to get even with the odd and kick off the old?
Right from mass kissing, underwater tree planting to possum-dropping and balls of fire, Crystal Travel unveils the world’s weirdest New Year customs.

Great Balls of Fire – Scotland

In a town called Stonehaven in Scotland, there is an ancient tradition of parading and swinging blazing fire balls through the streets during New Year’s Eve. Though the practice goes back to the time of the Vikings, this tradition is a part of the Hogmanay celebrations of Scotland

Graveyard Camp – Chile

Imagine celebrating New Year with your deceased loved ones and that too, in a graveyard. It’s eerie, yet comforting for many natives of Talca, Chile. It is believed to have started with a family who wished to be near their dead father. Since then, the graveyard opens after a night mass and several sit with their buried loved ones surrounded with candles while the music plays on. Quite a feeling!

Animal Whispering – Romania

In Romania, farmers curiously try to hear their animals talk as a sign of good luck for the coming year. It’s a ritual that signifies that if Doctor Dolittle can do it with furry friends, many in the town can.

Mass kissing, Venice

It’s time to get a little bit cozy! St Mark’s Square is recognized for holding not only grand firework displays, but something far more remarkable. It’s a mass kiss-in gathering in the piazza.

Throwing Furniture, South Africa

Hey! Look out, there’s furniture coming down right at us. The residents of South Africa believe in starting the New Year by discarding old furniture out of their homes. Not wanting to be lumbered with anything non-essential, many things are disposed of through the windows.

Underwater Tree Planting, Siberia

Well, it’s time to get cold! This Siberian custom of drilling a hole in the ice enveloping Lake Baikal takes place to sow a tree or a plant underwater by expert and professional divers.

Bear Dance, Romania

It’s amusing to witness people wear bear costumes with furs and dance while visiting various houses to keep evil away.

Grape Eating, Spain

The revelers waiting to enter the New Year in Spain fill their mouths with grapes, probably one for each chime of the clock throughout the countdown.

Cold swimming, UK

Virtually 2,000 people confronted the freezing water last year in Saundersfoot, Wales, for charity swim. The cold climate is ideal for curing the aftereffect of New Year’s Eve. Swimming activity takes place in Firth of Forth in Scotland too.

Possum-dropping, America

In the city of Brasstown, North Carolina, a possum is lowered over a noisy crowd in a transparent box. Renowned as ‘possum-drop’, it displays the city’s claim to be ‘the possum capital’.

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