Festival Flavors of Ahmedabad

Thinking of a trip to Ahmedabad to witness the fusion of heritage with modernity? Our widely travelled and researched experts have chalked out an itinerary on the same while you have already been to the major attractions in Ahmedabad. A flight to Ahmedabad from London, a budget Ahmedabad holiday deal absolutely customized to suit your preferences is all what you need to reach out to the “Manchester of the East” aka Ahmedabad.
Traditional Guajarati Festivities on Mind?
The city, whose very first mention brings a rainbow of colors in your mind, celebrates a handful of fairs and festivals joyously with families. The different fairs & festivals of Ahmedabad enable the locals as well as tourists to catch glimpses of the diverse cultural traditions of Gujarat. Few noted ones are:
Paint the sky with all hues on International Kite Festival
It is that time of the year when all businesses in Ahmedabad come to a grinding halt and families unite to head their way to open terraces and rooftops to enthusiastically celebrate “International Kite Festival” or “Uttarayan” as locals. The festival coincides with Makar Sakranti in January and marks the end of winters. The whole city perks up and the curious travelers start flocking in.
Festivities start as early as dawn and continue to paint the sky till late evening. Festival is not just limited to local kids or youngsters but tourists plan their Ahmedabad holidays such as to bring the unique kites from world that roar with art and creativity.  In the night, the sky lightens up with the twinkling of a myriad tiny paper lamps sent up on special kites.
Navratra Festival, Circle of Ecstasy
When the preparations start weeks ahead and the city looks gorgeous as a coy bride, anyone can guess that it’s Navratri Festival in Ahmedabad. Widely celebrated, this festival is dedicated to Goddess Shakti and throbs nonstop for nine nights with millions of extravagantly costumed devotees swaying in a fusion of dance and allegiance.
Dating back to the ancient era of Lord Krishna, singing and dancing with ‘Flute’ and other instruments with the dance forms like Garba and Raas is the most popular dance celebrations during Navratri in Gujarat. Every year, Navratri festival brings novelty in music, choreography, and costumes and has enthralled audience with its beauty and cultural exuberance.
Recommended places are “The Maa Shakti Garba” and “Laxmi Vilas Palace grounds” for first time visitors.
One thing that separates Gujarat from rest of the states is “colours”. Tourists can be easily seen in abundance in nights when thousands prong to the local garba grounds to dance away in obeisance to the Mother Goddess Durga that the land sparkled of a thousand rainbows. The streets and the local grounds of towns and cities are brightly lit and the people are decked up in glowing traditional colours as they come together celebrate the nine nights of Navratri with utmost belief and vigour.
Other Festivals include Modhera dance festival, Chitra Vichitra fair, Tarnetar fair and Rann Utsav.
Ahmedabad is one such place where even the business tycoons could be spotted in some local communal place gelling with the enthusiasts. While in Ahmedabad, its one awesome party as the travelers say who have trotted the splendidly colorful city to make their Gujarat holiday worthwhile.

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