Best Ways to Enjoy a Nightlife in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that grows into you and then grips you over with its enduring enigma, dearth of activities to dwell into and the start studded locales. Unbelievably gripped by a calm yet roaring sea this city has transformed the very face of luxury and exuberance single handedly.
Wander anywhere on the chaotic streets of Mumbai and one can easily spot foreign guests, that arrive on taking flights to Mumbai from London, with their sling bags, comfortable flats (it’s too much of walking in Mumbai, but that’s what travel is!) and reckoning lists in hands. But the adorable city best startles you when you throw the itinerary away and just embrace the city as it takes you. This is one in a lifetime destination to magnify over a couple of days and bet that you won’t want to leave the city ever.
Top 5 to do in Mumbai at night
Stay Awake with the Insomniac City
As the sun paints the city red and orange head straight to the spots celebrated for their undying fun and offerings. It’s always prudent to talk to a travel expert about the applauded places to go while planning for a holiday in India. However, we have meticulously summed up the top 5 things to do in Mumbai before the crack of the dawn. Read throughout for an awesome Mumbai holiday and a vibrant Mumbai nightlife extravaganza.
It’s the time to Disco
The nocturnal tourists have a wide variety to choose from the raving discotheques, pubs and lounge parlours with the breed multiplied like anything since few years.  Lolling on low couch, seizing the soft cushions with soothing music and sipping branded liquor. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You never know, a celebrity may walk in to make your evening more and more exciting.
Top 5 nightclubs of Mumbai:
• Onyx, Dr. Ambedkar Road
• Athena, Leela
• Enigma, J W Marriott Hotel
• Not Just Jazz by the Bay, Marine Drive
• Silk Route, Mumbai G.P.O.
• The 1900’s, Taj Mahal
Catch a play at Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
Beyond pubs and bars, there is a vibrant side to the city known for its love for arts, theatre and being cinema freak. An ideal getaway from the hole-in-the-ear-drum noise of a pub, catching an active play at Prithvi Theatre will give you a flavor of the Mumbai’s brilliant stage life. Catch the bi-lingual popular shows running everyday for an offbeat experience. Do remember to pre book tickets to avoid queues.
A long drive in an auto rickshaw along Coastal Line
Get out of the theatre refreshed after a play, take an auto rickshaw (yes, the magnitude of the breezing wind can’t be enjoyed in a car/taxi) and set for a long drive along the Mumbai Coast line admiring the beauty of the sea, much calmer at night and you can actually fall in love with its mesmerizing aura.
Have a tea at Nariman Point; visit the Bade Mia – a stall behind Taj Hotel that has chicken and paneer rolls so amazing that can give any Michelin chef a run for their money. What’s the bonus? You can enjoy these till the wee hours.
Sit inside a coffee shop and watch the city on a marathon
The nightlife of Mumbai churns up a thrilling moment that is worth enjoying. Loose yourself in a corner at a plush cafe at of the most famous streets of Mumbai and watch the nocturnal life rushing into another time zone. Admire people passing by, the vendors, the bustling traffic. It’s a city that never sleeps.
Bandra’s Band Stand for a hearty talk
Bandra’s Band Stand – the most phenomenal place that buzzes at night. Most of the people also prefer to sit with their friends on the sea beaches, under the star studded sky and relish the spicy delicacies of wada-pao, bhelpuri, pani-puri (don’t hesitate to ask for some extra tangy water) while munching the roasted peanuts.
For ardent travellers, the tinsel town of Mumbai shows no difference being similar to any city in the West. One can drown in the night with wild parties and endless dancing at the best clubs, bars and pubs the city has.

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