Dazzle With Irresistible Celebration Ride In Havana

The capital of Cuba, Havana is a city class apart. With an out and out cosmic party landscape, Havana draws massive tourist population with best holiday packages inspired by its eternal musical effervescence and bubbly laid-back attitude.
From jazz, son, salsa to rumba from reggaeton, hip-hop to timba, the city is the melting pot of compelling Cuban art flowing all around Havana in its various forms.
Cuba prides itself with the city like Havana for its incredible historical backdrop that’s as fascinating as its dazzling persona. The tranquil old Havana lets you experience the majestic Colonial times with unblemished Spanish architecture and restaurants standing inside arresting colonial structures. Undoubtedly tourism is the major source of income here.

Must Dos in Havana, Cuba with Holiday Deals 2013

It’s hard to describe the ever evolving tourism scene of Havana as it’s chock-a-block with unending diversions and has everything you can ask for on a holiday trip to Cuba. Let’s take a look at some of the ideal places to visit in the city to capture the essence of this spell binding tropical destination.

Tap Your Toes on Budget Holiday in Havana, Cuba

Caribbean countries, love to dance and so does Havana continuing the rousing Cuban culture. Head to Casa la Musica in central Havana and you’ll refuse to leave from the spirited company of jovial Cubans and foreigners. Hotel Nacioal’s grand 1930 Hall is another fantastic place for an evening of dance at a cabaret. And id you are someone greatly inspired by the mesmerizing shows of 1940 and 50s, Tropicana is the place.

A Tour to La Habana Vieja with Holiday 2013 in Havana

A trip to Havana with best family holidays cannot be complete without taking a comprehensive tour to Old Havana. With an architectural heritage dating back over five centuries, La Habana Vieja is a virtual treat for the travellers of varied interests. You’ll find an interesting blend of refined styles and techniques with a stroll to some of the most sought after sites in Havana namely Plaza de Armas, El Templete and Casa de la Obra Pia. Old Havana also houses a museum presenting furniture and goods of 18th century. Apart from these absorbing sites, do give a well deserved visit to the Covento de Santa Clara which is a pre-baroque nunnery with rammed-earth walls and captivating cloister depicting the daily street life in the region.

Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Authentic Cuban Cuisine

The Cuban culture welcomes you with an exquisite range of enticing Paladar cuisine. Private venture is a recent affair in Cuba and paladares are such small businesses that are catching up in Havana as one of the most delicious ways to explore Cuba. These home run restaurants let you dig in the scrumptious traditional cuban cuisine; and the popular ones to head included the Malecon-waterfront Vista del Mar and El Gijones on Paseo del Prado in Havana Vieja.

Walk Along the Malecon for Stunning Sun Set Views

With holiday in Cuba Seize your chance to get a first-hand snapshot into life in Cuba at the Malecon, on its sprawling 8 km long seaside waterfront. Feel the joy in air when groups of friends clustered around sharing jokes, couples cuddling up on the fences or the spotless beauties roaming in their swim suits. Soak up this gripping scenic atmosphere on an evening at Havana.

Havana, All Set to Engulf You with Incessant Distractions

Cruise along the elongated bay sides in an old aristocratic American car or chill at one of the vibrant night out hubs in the town, Havana is a place of non-stop enjoyment with its gigantic pool of fun, thrill and excitement.

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