Is Milan a Fashion Den or a City of Riotous Iniquity

Milan, at the first glance, looks like a model ready to walk the ramp. The city has an amazing bone structure in the shape of stunning new architectures and historicity. Milan’s style of extravagant taste is more than skin deep.
The city is the engine room of the country’s economy that is purely driven by tourism. Elaborated cathedral, La Scala opera house, Leonardo da Vinci’s – The Last Supper and Castello Sforzesco are the creative streak that sets Milan apart and calls for an amazing weekend breaks in Milan.
Prada Has It All…The Fashion World of Milan
Milan has paved the runway for many fashion brands and icons to take flight. Prada, Dolce, Versace, Armani, Gucci, Pucci and Gabbana are the rulers who conquered the world from here.
Being a fashion icon, Milan is also the capital of home-wares and furniture and a hub for risky art. By night, there’s an avant-garde theater scene, an enthralling ‘happy hour’ with assorted food platter, inviting plenty of flights to Milan.
The city, in August, is at its hottest, and several places that are close provide a serene alternative to the crowded coast.
Finance and fashion aside, the other religion of Milan is football. The city is home to both Inter and AC Milan, two of the top teams in Italy.
The city also harbors few lesser-known attractions such as old-fashioned gelaterie, Navigil’s canal-side cafes and the funky design district of Isola.
Marvel at Attractions
Duomo – Milan’s magnificent cathedral, one of the largest on the planet is decorated with dizzying statuary that dominates the structure. The Duomo is literally at the center of Milan and the streets radiate from the circle and it occupies the most central location in the city.
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – A true masterpiece by a famous architect with impressive glass and iron covered arcade that poses as the city’s most famous attractions. With Milan city breaks, you can unearth upscale stores, restaurants and cafes. The most famous is the Savini, a prestigious restaurant and the most popular attractions.
Fashion District – Milan has a reputation for its stylish and chic boutiques and the Fashion District provides some of the best shopping opportunities in Europe, especially for those who seek the best that money can buy. It attracts not only tourists, but also the beautiful people of Milan.
Navigli – It is the panoramic and authentic vicinity in Milan that was once a thriving inland port at the center of a network of canals. The port is gone, only a couple of canals have survived.
Piazza del Duomo – The Piazza del Duomo is a large square in the heart of Milan that is dominated by the magnificent cathedral. A statue of the first king of Italy – Victor Emmanuel II graces the core of the square.
The above attractions are just few of the famous ones. There are 30 plus famous attractions that can actually take your breath away.
The Nightlife among the Fashion Icons
On your Italian holidays there are plenty of places to party in this riotous den of iniquity. Milan, being a fashion capital of the world has nightlife of its own, inspite of the city and the people being homely. The people here rather prefer a good traditional meal with plenty of wine, cock and cocktails and rousing conversation. The nightlife tends to start and end quite early with models and moguls on their toes, heading to their work.
Where Can You Party in Milan?
• Aperitivo
• Armani Prive
• Nottingham Forest
• Cape Town
• Zucca
Where to Groove?
• Rolling Stone
• Magazzini Generali
• Discoteca Alcatraz
• Gasoline
• Cafe Atlantique
Alongside a grand collection of ultra-mod bars, the city also has a rich cultural life that gets into everyone flocking into the city.
As you get used to the city, the city may get under your skin.  Face Milan like never before.
With cheap weekend breaks Europe look into the fashion world during daytime, on your Milan city tour. Wait when the sun goes down things really get heated up in the Italian city of Milan.
Apart from the things to do in Milan, the city has much history being in the Celtic Origin, and because of the Roman mark, both cultures have their own shares of amazement.

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