Dealing with the Customer Complaints

According to Crystal Travel feedback, based on our liking and disliking, as a customer we are always judging the companies because of the failure of their services. Our perspective completely depend on how the company will handle the problem, and then on how will they make up to the problem so that it doesn’t happen in the future but you should understand Louder the Complaint Easier the Travel

When it comes to fixing breakdowns, mostly companies limit service recovery to their staff who directly deal with the clients. Sadly, considering the Crystal Travel complaints, during any situation all the companies play the customer service card as to sort out the problem, they offer immediate apology or some compensation, and then assume all is well. But the approach is actually causing a lot of damage as its not granting any kind of promise in regard to the future possibilities of the similar failures and complaints.

For better understanding, based on the Crystal Travel complaints the recovery mode has been explained below:

The Issue: It’s the part of the job, to expect complaints from the customers. But it’s completely on the company, how will it handle the problem and most of them do it very badly.

The Problem: At times customers gets really upset because of the poor hearing from the company or it makes them sad when no assurance is given by the company that they won’t repeat it again. But unknowingly, by repeating the situation, they are putting the bad image for the company.

The Solution:

The agenda is to take care of the situation, so that it won’t arise in the future. Based on the database, companies should analyse and do something about improving the services.

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