Delve into Seven Priceless City Breaks

Do you wish to get into something else other than the same tourist-crowded cities? It’s high time that you get ahead of the crowd and take a peek into these ultimate city break destinations of 2016.
Why do you have to cope up with pricey destinations and walk in the footsteps of other travellers, when you can travel to some of the finest destinations for less.
Bologna, Italy
What if you get a combination of Pisa, Venice and Florence in the graceful city of Bologna? This Italian city is home to Europe’s oldest university and offers all the creativity one can imagine.
Visitors coming into the impressive city can also enjoy the cultural events, stroll through the medieval neighbourhoods, admire the ancient porticoes. You can visit several iconic places such as the stunning Neptune Fountain, towering basilicas, romantic palazzos, mysterious Jewish ghetto and the flourishing art scene.
Glasgow, Scotland
Highly spirited city filled with heritage sites meets lively modern epicureanism and 18th century buildings and warehouses. The famous Barras Market is extremely interesting to watch the people gather together to shop for some of the finest things Scotland has.
If you find the climate a bit gloomy, immediately head towards the iconic museums as well as pay tribute to Art Nouveau. Book best European flight deals and save big.
Cordoba, Spain
As the strains of the soothing Spanish guitar sweetly echoes all over the city’s atmosphere, you are surely getting ready for a treat. The fragrance of orange trees and the lush palms swaying over the courtyards offer an unparalleled sight which is truly hard to imagine.
The Great Mosque displays a sophisticated gesture and poses as a masterpiece to stun the world with its architecture. Visit the riverfront of Guadalquivir or even hang out in the Plaza de las Tendillas.
Bergen, Norway
Enjoy the offerings of this very-old Nordic town. With wooden alleys and rows of unique buildings leaning towards each other, this amazing town possesses a sublime landscape of rugged mountains, spine-chilling valleys and offers nature at its best.
Situated among the charming hills, Bergen is famous for its solitude surrounding. You can meet several artists who are busy painting some amazing seascapes on the waterfront. Enjoy a succulent crab meat and relish a cinnamon roll at a street-side cafe.
Utrecht, The Netherlands
With 30-minutes drive away from Amsterdam, this breathtaking city is crowded with students and other Dutch celebrities. This is surely the best kept treasured city in the Netherlands. It is purely laid-back, vibrant and progressive.
There are several things you can do in Utrecht – cycle through the lush parks, enjoy croquettes, climb the 465 steps of the Dom tower, enjoy cruising and soak up the jaw-dropping views. You will surely fall in love with the cosmopolitan culture of Utrecht.
Leipzig, Germany
Labelled as the ‘City of Heroes’ for those names that let the Berlin wall fall, Leipzig has always proved to have gravity substance with style and an icon. Dotted with lakes, forests, architectural styles and industries, the city is utterly unique and charming. Enjoy hanging out in the city with a can of beer, groove at a club and admire the art studio at the bohemian Baumwollspinnerei, the old mill. You will soon know why this amazing city stands out!
Bratislava, Slovakia
Dotted with vineyards, mountains and dense forests, this pretty-looking town sits between Prague, Budapest and Vienna. Once this capital city of Slovakia was known as a sleepy town, with less crowd and expensive living. The influx of tourists gave rise to a charming economic boom, bustling cafes, dynamic nightlife and a pulsating nightlife.

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