Dig Out the Best Places in Abuja

Africa has always been loved by many travellers; and to visit this enormous continent is living life to its fullest. No wonder the wildlife and miles and miles of lush and barren landscapes love the African soil. Whether its food, culture, festivals, historic past, tribal traditions, developed cities or the blazing sun across the horizon – every falling leaf every smile and tear has a tale to tell.

A Trip to Abuja

Many would ask, how’s the Nigerian capital – Abuja? Well, several who have lived and worked in the city found it dull and depressing because of difficult living. Well, every city has its challenges. The fact of the matter is how to your turn your tables and make everything positive. Many love Abuja, because of Africa.
What are the some of the best places in Abuja? Well, there are 20+ sights and attractions that act as a jewel to the city, alluring hordes of visitors as well as locals. The IBB Golf Course has an amazing driving range with 18 speckled holes, a beautiful game area and stunning terrace with the best view of the city. Enjoy great food and cheap drinks while chatting with friends on the terrace.

Hilton’s Pool

The pool of Hilton is the largest in Africa and a wonderful hotel for Africa. The pool is a great place for kids and the gym for people like us who either would like to lose or gain. The Hash House Harrier is the best place to meet when you’re abroad. It is usually used for brisk walking and for the least athletic. You can have all the food and beer here and collect T-shirts and other prizes.

Enjoy Bowling in Abuja

Bowling lovers would love the Dome, which is new in town with a bowling alley, pool tables, and video games, with an array of restaurants. The Grand Square is a great relief to visitors and expats and has some of the best bread outside Europe. Enjoy best ice creams and amazing seating facilities in some of the restaurants. The cheese and meat selection is truly the best. Don’t miss the Amigo supermarket!

Yankari National Park

Nature lovers can head towards Yankari National Park which is around 7 hours drive towards the east. Leave around 8am, halt at Jos to explore National Museum and enjoy a lunch at Ceder Tree, and off to the park. Dive in the Wikki Warm Springs and spend quality time viewing the nature and the wildlife.

The Kano Durbur & Zuma Rock

The Durbur in Kano is a must-see for all visiting Abuja. It’s a religious holiday observed with a parade. Meander around Kano too, to see the architecture, city walls and ancient mosques. Check out the Emir’s palace. Heard about Zuma Rock? Sujela is home to this notable sight. The city is famed for its pottery and Gwara Falls where you can spend a day and enjoy a picnic Enjoy several waterfalls at Jos and enjoy dining at few of the best restaurants such as Biblos and French Cafe.

A Vibrant Market Scene

One of the best places near Kaduna where most expats stop is the market 10kms north of the city. The place has amazing combination of African and Lebanese food with roasted chicken and fresh orange juice. Other cooks can cook anything from a liver to a heart. Savour amazing mutton dishes here!
Lastly, don’t leave the city without exploring Bush Bars or without experiencing Camping. There are several tiny bars in the town that can be reached with a short drive that serve fish, roasted meats and beer. Enjoy a German BBQ with beer and spiced wine at one of the Life Camps.

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