Dig Out the Treasures at the Museums of Singapore

Flight to Singapore, the easiest and most frequent way through which travellers can visit Asia’s most arguably, sensational, stylish and contemporary town. Loaded with spectacular sets of modern corporate sculptures and gigantic financial turn-overs, the cosmopolitan has been a home for giant business institutes since ages, inviting thousands of business travellers by Singapore flights day after day from different corners of the world.
However, voyagers peeking beyond the city’s stunning business walls, get to explore the ultimate paradise that serves a perfect blend of entertainment, joy and relaxation – a complete family holiday destination. With gigantic shopping malls, lavish gardens, adventurous places and elegant dining, the story of Singapore can go on and on for long. Pulling huge crowd of Londoners who rely on air tickets to Singapore from London Heathrow, and it won’t be any wrong, if the same is said about Paris, Melbourne or any other city across the planet. The ‘Lion City’ is leaving no stone unturned for globetrotters.
The city stands for excursion, art and history, and you are surely going to experience a mind-blowing treat, no doubt! The phenomenal art and story of town’s bygone days can be found in several of the museums throughout the city. Whether you are planning for a trip to Singapore or have booked your flights way before, city’s museums are unquestionably worth visiting. Check out Crystal Travel’s top picks for the best museums in Singapore:-

The Famous Five Museums of Singapore

The Asian Civilizations Museum – 1 Empress Place, Singapore
Nestled in a strategic position of the town, this is one of the most fantastic corners of the town displaying exciting pieces of the history of Asia including China too. Facilitated with innovative bar-code readers and touch screen kiosk features, the museums have long been delivering the relic fragrances of Asian art and culture to travellers catching cheap flight tickets to Singapore.
Singapore Art Museum – 71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore
Not just big is beautiful, beauty can equally be found in small things as well and this is the fittest saying for City Art Museum. Not similar to the rest, this museum is comparatively small, with unauthentic showcase and different styled gallery halls. Although, the place ensures a full-size entertainment with its tiny exhibitions showing best of Asian art dated back to 20th century.
SAM – 8 Queen St, Singapore
The pioneer name in brandishing the delighting bond of art and Asia, SAM is an extremely modernized hall full of contemporary art. You can catch the glamorous glimpse of master art work by expert artist and cultural stuns which are laying all around the museum.
National Museum of Singapore – 93 Stamford Rd, Singapore
National Museum of Singapore, the biggest museum in the town is certainly a delight for visitors taking Singapore flight tickets. The town, no doubt, has covered a huge journey to emerge as one of the biggest hubs of business, culture and modernization, and it can be completely experienced in this Museum swinging the entire story of the town from the beginning. Here, visitors can discover smaller and bigger forms of the city’s culture, food, style, film and photography.
Peranakan Museum – 39 Armenian Street, Singapore
This is the place for all travellers seeking full on history. Right from the exciting Peranakan buildings to the dynamic foreigner immigrant cultures to the national flag carrier airlines, enjoy abundant facets about foods, dresses, handicrafts, jewellery and many others displays. The museum combines very distinctive and beyond imagination experiences.

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