Dig your teeth and tongue into the 10 best Belgian dishes

Hardly anyone visits Belgium. This tiny country nestles along the North Sea and overlapped by its more romantic Amsterdam and the thrilling French neighbours. The petite country does get the shaft, and it’s a real shame.
If explored, there can be 101 reasons to disregard this tiny and unique country and fall in love with every bit of it. You may not ignore the fact that the most famous tourist attraction is a statue of a little boy urinating. Turning your focus from all that is evident, if you take a look at Belgium’s regional cuisine, it’s jaw-dropping to know that there is every reason one  might have to make a trip to this captivating forested country.
You may be noted of this that Belgium food is not that pretty, as more focus is put into the flavour than the appearance. Go to Belgium and give these dishes a try. One you are done savouring the authentic Belgian cuisine, board a train and enjoy your 45 minutes, until you reach Paris.

Chicon Au Gratin / Gegratineerde Witloof

Apart from love, care and delicacy, this peculiar dish is prepared with endives and each piece is then wrapped in a thin slice of ham, topped with bechamel sauce and mixed with melted cheese. Relish it, as it is your main course!

Moules-frites / Mosselen-friet

Belgian fries, accompanying a huge bowl of mussels can create a havoc; not until you taste it. Don’t forget to dip the fries in the white wine froth once you have finished the mussels. That’s how it goes!

Gaufre / Wafel

The most usual as well as unusual waffle you can find is called the Liege Waffle and the variety of waffles are nothing like what you can find in America. It’s juicier, richer and denser than other waffles prepared with chunks of sugar, caramelize and buttery dough. Isn’t it mouth-watering?

Boudin Blanc / Witte Pens

This delicate flavour and fine texture is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Boudin blanc is a white sausage, grilled or sauteed; best served with apple compote or mashed potatoes.

Frites / Frieten

If you think the French get the credit for fries, well, they do not. The Belgians handle these crispy fries so very wonderfully. You can find such fries all over, and frequently at road side too. Wait till you taste the fries with the best sauce for dipping.

Crevette Grise / Grijze Granalen

Have shrimps scared you ever? They do make up more than flavour and are a popular dish out of the North Sea. You may find them stuffed inside a tomato or served in a salad. At other times, enjoy the unpeeled shrimp along with a frothy Belgian beer.

The Chocolates

Hello, all chocolate fans, this is the nation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Drool over 2000 chocolatiers. Unbelieving, but true, chocolates alone are worthy to make your Belgian trip reminiscing.

Filet Américain

This is something to steak tartar, prepared with minced beef, topped with Americana sauce and served with bread and fries. Push back your skepticism and grab a mouth-fill to understand the nature of the nation-wide favourite dish.

Speculoos / Speculaas

Speculaas are not only airline cookies; Belgians do have a soft corner for such snacks. These spiced shortbreads come out with the most striking designs. Espresso is a good accompaniment, satisfying the soul.

The Beer

This little country has about 180 breweries and that makes a lot of beer. If the food doesn’t do any good, beer surely will. From lambics, dubbles and blondes, to Flemish reds, you may not be able to try them all, but do give it a try!

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