Discover the Hidden Gems of Andalusia

There are several appealing reasons why travellers choose to visit Andalusia every year. The landscape and the panorama are purely diverse. The people are amiable and cultured and one can find reasonably priced food and accommodation. Well, that’s not all; there is uninterrupted sunshine for a lengthy period of time. In fact, Andalusia is purely tempting!
Wine is the top most attraction and favoured part out of the many appealing things in Andalusia. Other than wine, enjoy Flamenco, its history, beaches and whitewashed mountains with beautiful villages. It’s the sprawling beauty of Andalusia that offers a wide array of holiday experiences that makes this part so charming and spectacular.

What is Andalusia all about?

For those of you, who are wondering where on earth is Andalusia, it is a rocky region on the southern coast of Spain that is blessed with flamenco, tapas, bullfights and matadors.
In Andalusia, many have this idea that Sierra Nevada and Marbella are quite pricey places. It may have been true to some extent, but today it’s possible to avail great deals. At certain months you can enjoy skiing in Sierra Nevada and enjoy the sunset while sipping cocktails in Marbella.
You can easily grab discounted hotels and resorts, but the most economical accommodation is a hostal or a pension. Pensioners are not easy to find, you need to stroll down and look out for signs on door post and windows. Hostal or Hostel are quite clean and equipped with commendable facilities.

Marbella: the jewel of Andalusia

Marbella is only a few hours drive from Sierra Nevada, whereas, Granada is quite close. The place is amazing and anytime is a good time to visit these places, but the best seasons are winter and spring. Granada oozes with attractions, but Marbella gets too hot during the summers which makes sightseeing difficult.
Granada houses the university as it is called the university town. The best time to visit it is when the school’s session is on. No visit to Granada is complete without a trip to Alhambra. This place alone attracts millions of visitors every year and winters absolutely perfect to visit this part of the nation. Once, Alhambra was a citadel of mansions, baths, mosques, schools and gardens. Now only the fortress and ruins remain.

Jerez: face the reality

Jerez is another famous town that gives you ample opportunities to experience the real thing. Advance towards one of the clubs in the age-old district of Santiago. Some of the prominent clubs include Pena Antonio Chacon and Pena Los Cernicalos.

Tranquillity beside the lake

If you are a nature lover, head straight towards Laguna de Medina, a beautiful lake that draws numerous migrating birds flying from Europe to Africa. Barbate is a small fishing village that is 50 miles east of Cadiz. It is known as Franco’s favourite beach destination. This interesting place has some great restaurants and lip-smacking fish dishes.
With an ancient history, traditions, nightlife, massive cathedrals, bodegas, thrilling wildlife, snow and beaches, you can see how captivating and diverse Andalusia is. Visit at the perfect time of year and you can experience it all, even on a shoe-string budget.

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