Discover Untold Shopping Places in the Indian Pink City This Holiday Season

Coming back empty handed from the royal capital of Rajasthan state in India makes your Jaipur trip lousy and grim. Visit Jaipur and savor the best of shopping experience for some intricate handicraft, marble and artwork in different form.
Mention should also be made of exquisite textile materials like, bed sheets, saris and colorful dupattas etc. and bangles which are not only famous among the local shoppers of India but also a pleasure for foreign tourist visiting Jaipur.

Jaipur is a large and properly organized city and is still developing like the rest of the country. Constructions of super malls and departmental stores are growing in huge pace forcing the locals to be trendier and in better touch with the world fashion forum. Being an old city, Jaipur has also many old shopping areas famous for original Jaipuri and Rajasthani art, craft and handlooms.

3 Markets to go for Jaipur Bargain Shopping

Bapu Bazar: It is the one of the busiest and old market places of Jaipur and is a treasure house of traditional Jaipuri art form like suits, printed bed covers, famous Jaipuri jutis, colorful bangles etc.Bapu Bazaar is also famous for its crowded streets filled with stalls of various articles that can be bargained and a sweet aroma of different paan masalas fill the air to lift your spirits during your shopping spree in Jaipur.

Chaura Rasta
: For people who love to read, Chaura Rasta is the place to definitely visit. This market place is a famous books and stationary hub. You can find any little thing you want here and if you are done with your share of buying lovely stories or documentary you can also drop in the famous Golcha theatre to enjoy a trendy Bollywood masala movie.

Nehru Bazar: Reach right at the centre of Jaipur, Ajmeri Gate and there you will be in the market area popularly known as Nehru Bazaar. This is a nice place to visit for budget tourists visiting Jaipur. You can purchase various gift items, readymade items and other household goods etc. Though not considered a very up market area Nehru Bazaar should be visited once to get the real feel of the center of Jaipur

Tips to Purchase the Best Gift Items
While visiting famous and traditional market places of Jaipur is a good idea to pick some good gift items and souvenirs at a good bargain, you will also be have to very careful about the authenticity and the fact that  you are getting the best bargain from these shops.

Foreign tourists also prefer to visit the Rajasthan Government run artwork and handloom stores that are the best place to explore exquisite Jaipuri art, textile and handloom work. You may even make safe purchases regarding the guarantee about the originality of the items you are buying.

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