Discovering Hidden Alleys and Laneways of Melbourne

Melbourne, the hypnotising cultural capital exposes a sturdy sense of creative nature and ability to gratify visitors with best dining, live music. Apart from all this, Melbourne is home to various natural and man-made attractions with various captivating surroundings and nearby destinations that are easily reachable.

Discovering ‘Hidden’ Spots and Laneways

Melbourne is undisputedly attractive by any transport that you take but, a stroll on foot is extremely worthwhile. Filled with strange alleys, hidden shops, theatres and art galleries, Melbourne definitely has earned its reputation as the rambling cultural capital of Australia. The city would have lost its name and fame if it were not for its alleys and laneways.

A Maze of Lanes

The city’s most intriguing and impressive feature lies in the streets. A stroll in Melbourne through all the baffling arcades and lanes is simply overwhelming. There are walking tours that can be arranged for you to explore the maze of lanes and walk beside every attractive shop. Wine lovers can join the tour of wine tasting and spend an afternoon at one of the open-air restaurant, admire local art or shop.

Bicycle Tour

Cycling is one of the most popular ways to capture the city. Grab a bike and move from point to point while inhaling fresh air of the city.

Get drawn by Victorian horse carriage

How about doing something different? Get on board a Victorian horse-drawn carriage. Being antique, this provides a classic feeling as you move around the city in a relaxed pace.

Shopping in Melbourne

Shopping in the Melbourne city is a matter of pride. With numerous shopping opportunities and options for best bargains, you’re sure to get a million dollar smile. Explore everything from thriving markets and petite boutiques to street hawkers and massive malls.

The Sporting City

Melbourne has an overpowering sports background which means, sports lovers will surely be spoilt for choices. There are several venues that offer some action to everyone. To get a perspective, go behind few of the distinguished sporting venues dotted in the city and learn about the Australian sporting history.

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