Diwali Celebrations all over the World

October brings in the illuminated festival of lights not only in India, but worldwide as well. The overall Indian community along with their friends celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm and pomp. Just take a walk with us and get an insight as to what Diwali is all around the globe.


It’s Tihar in Nepal! Yes, that’s right. Diwali is addressed as ‘Tihar’ and carries on for 5 days. These 5 days is dedicated to a deity that takes the form of an animal or one of the elements of nature. Stunningly, the fourth day is devoted to death though there are no solemn signs of depression. The last day purely carries out the love of the brother and the sister is a celebration known as Bhai Dooj, where the girl blesses the brother for prosperity.


Since Hinduism is extensively practiced, the locals and the temples are adorned not only with lights, but with devotees from all over. Light does play a major part as people from all over gaze at the pitch black sky and admire the floating lanterns illuminating the sky above.


Diwali celebrations in most of south-east Asia countries is similar to that of India as an awesome display of fireworks prolong throughout the night along with puppet shows for children depicting scenes from the Ramayana.


Since 1853 Diwali has been a vital festival in Guyana with sweets being served and exchanged as a symbol for goodwill, long-life and affluence. The deity Laxmi is worshipped to ensure success and prosperity to enter homes.


The Triolet village experiences an amazing celebration as all the residents heedless of religion or race involve themselves in various festivities from bursting crackers and visit their friends and neighbours.


Lam Kriyongh is the term that is quite distinguished in Thailand. You can witness lamps made out of banana leaves and left on the river to float. Such devotion illustrates strength and continuity in perilous times.


There is a tiny community of Indians residing in the country of the rising sun, nevertheless, Yokohama has an annual occasion where Diwali is celebrated at Yamashita Park, exhibiting every aspect of the Indian culture as people hold paper lanterns and look forward to the fireworks that mark the end of the celebration.

Sri Lanka

The Diwali festival in Sri Lanka is displayed by illumination, assembling of toys and through figures made out of sugar crystals, known as Misiri. These sugar crystals generally take the place of sweets.
The celebrations are not as sizzling as in India, but a grand family feast is obligatory as a part of the festival.

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