France – Whooshing Cyclists at the 100th France de Tour

Are you planning for holidays in France? And what’s planned for the holidays? Is it the towering structures, fashion fiestas or chasing the vibrant cyclists up and down the curvy roads? Well, the chance to experience the Tour de France comes once in a lifetime.
Capturing and witnessing the Tour de France live – even for few stages, makes your vacation highly exciting. Believe it or not, but for this adventure, there’s a lot of travelling involved, a whole lot of waiting and unpredictability! Yes, that’s for sure.
You might be the one spending three summers following the Tour from beginning to end, and many tourists enjoy following it, without partaking in the race or even having any official connection from friends or relatives. Visitors coming in France just enjoy chasing the grit of these sportsmen.
Many gain immense experience from such a sport and while waiting to watch it live, or on the TV, one does wonder if Lance Armstrong is back in the saddle for this year’s race or not!
By the way the 2013 Tour de France will run from June 29 2013 to July 21 2013. It is scheduled to begin in Corsica, in the amazing island city of Porto-Vecchio.
5 ‘not to forget’ Packing Tips for the Tour
So, back to where we were. After gaining a true experience what if you gain some packing tips that you can learn along the way. Whether you are going for the Tour, or for sightseeing, it’s quite important to be prepared:
Let your Pack be Light
The main key, when you are keen and curious on visiting multiple phases of the race as you switch various hotels frequently, nothing is more frustrating that lugging your bags/suitcase in and out through the tiny European hallways.
Carry a Spare Bag
This is a lifesaver! Your spare bag or duffel can be stuffed empty, with your other luggage; can be used to collect free stuff from the caravan each day. Use this bag for picnic lunches, store groceries, bottles of water and other emergency provisions like ponchos and umbrellas. There’s nothing like wise bag-packing tips while charting out a tour.
What to do, while you Wait at the Tour de France?
Even with France city breaks, a lot of tourists and spectators carry books as they wait on the side for the race guys to pass by. You can see people opening their books, sports magazines, deck of cards or you could be seen hanging near a food vendor. So, carrying good amount of food is recommended. Easy to eat, find and handy foods include cookies, crackers, croissants and fruits and some drinks to beat the heat and the thirst.
Be a True Cyclist Fan
Are you passionate about some favourite cyclists? Think of ways where you can support your team. Ever thought scouring eBay for deals such as flags or jerseys with the logo and once you are in France, grab a plain white T-shirt from the old market, as well as some paint. That’s called sporting spirit when you paint your T-shirt.
Be Prepared
Its summer, so don’t forget your sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, water bottles and snacks, camera of course!
A map in the hand and a pen might come handy. If you don’t speak French, a multilingual dictionary can get you your smile back.
It’s France and above all, a thrilling and lengthy event. It becomes a matter of to-do-or-die. A report says that the first day was an exciting finish across the inland mountains of Corsica. There would be many more struggling days and winner’s night. The gushing of the heroic cyclists zooming through the European veins is a sight not to be missed.
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