Enjoy the most Scenic Train Trips with Europe Holidays

An Ariel view of Europe may not trigger your senses. At 30,000 feet it is impossible to truly experience the spell-binding landscapes.
With an all inclusive European holiday, while flying you may marvel at a birds-eye-view but traveling by train is extremely romantic and there’s a reason why trains are often thought of as the most romantic mode of transport.
Truly speaking, with best holidays in Europe riding the rails makes you feel more connected and in tune with nature. In fact, there are plenty of scenic train rides in Europe that are worth the trip for the excellent view. Below are 5 such top rated train trips – from the rolling hills of England to the craggy Alps of Switzerland, each offers something different.

Holland holidays (Amsterdam to Groningen)

In Holland, the most scenic train trip is not really about being on the right track. It is all about timing. With all inclusive holidays at Europe travelers will want to hop on-board immediately to capture the blanket of colors that gets formed when the famous tulips are in full bloom.
Travellers can also admire windmills passing by on this 2-hour route from Amsterdam to Groningen. Windmills have been an important part of the European development since ages.

Family holidays in Italy (Rome to Verona to Venice)

Train trips cannot get any wilder and romantic than the ride from Rome to Venice, especially if you make a stopover at Verona. With European rail holidays 2013 the ride starts from Rome, the ‘Eternal City’, and makes its way through the captivating Tuscan farmlands, a renowned city famous as the setting for Shakespeare and his classic ‘Romeo and Juliet’.
As you embark on your Europe city breaks take a day and wander around the city’s corridors and pass time in a local bar and cafe and straightaway head to Venice, the ‘Floating City’ of Venice, the most romantic destinations in the world. The train approaches through Venice’s lagoon and upon your arrival you can hop on a gondola ride.
With flights to Europe the next scenic train trip in Italy is the route from Venice to Trieste. On this trip, you can extend your hand and touch the waters of the Adriatic Sea till you step out on this charming destination with beautiful views, pubs and cafes.

France (Montpellier to Nice)

With rail holidays Europe The train ride through southern France from Montpellier to Nice is another visually stunning trip. From Montpellier to Marseilles, travelers will see the typical Provencal landscape of red-colored soil, tall cypress trees and expansive fields of lavender and olives.
On your family holiday trip to Europe as the train gets closer to Nice, the coastal scenery along the Mediterranean Sea comes in to view. Note that if you have a France Rail Pass, it’s possible to break the ride up to spend some time exploring small Provencal towns, such as Aix-en-Provence, the famous home of Paul Cezanne, or Nimes, with its stunning Roman amphitheater that is second only to Rome’s Colosseum.

Germany (Black Forest Railway)

With holidays by rail in Europe experience the spectacular scenery on the Black Forest Railway route. The Roman’s gave this dense wooded mountainous region in Germany the name ‘Silva Nigra’ – Black Forest. This 93 mile long route climbs up to more than 2000 feet, crossing 39 tunnels and two gorgeous viaducts. The most scenic part is when you cross the amazing section between Hornberg, St. Georgen and Triberg.
Black Forest sets the pattern for many story writers, even for the Brothers Grimm tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’. But you may not see the trail of breadcrumbs to get back home.

Switzerland Wilhelm Tell Express

Switzerland is identified for some of the most eye-catching scenery in all of Europe. With rail tours Europe 2013 the trip from Lucerne to Locarno connects two of the charming parts of the country, the Italian-speaking Ticino region and central Switzerland. While in Lucerne, travelers can opt to take a boat-ride on a typical paddle steamer where they can enjoy a buffet.
When the boat reaches Fluelen, step onto a panoramic train that will whisk you past lone cottages on pine-covered hills, glistening streams, cerulean lakes, vast valleys covered in green, and craggy, snow-covered peaks, as it makes its way to Ticino.
With European train holidays, try to stop at the pretty looking tiny town of Bellinzona. It’s a village that is worth exploring. Don’t be surprised to reach the striking medieval castles, not one, but three of them.
Switzerland does have the most breathtaking scenic views while enjoying a train trip in Europe. The Golden Pass and the Glacier-Express goes through some spectacular views. The train windows are large enough to accommodate a view unmatched. You may literary get up your seat to marvel such jaw-dropping landscape.

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