Enjoying Shanghai in Ten Ways

Shanghai stands not only as a strong commercial world power, but also a city that has allured travellers since ages. Let’s find out the top 10 ways to enjoy this beguiling city.

Admire Mini Film Fest

The Mini Film Fest showcases a program of inspiring but hilarious short movies on various themes that vary from a cultural view-point. It is organised by the creative Polish and Dutch and it is held in the art gallery known as The Nut with snacks and drinks.

The Bar 88

Experience party the hard way at Bar 88. This is the only time to get crazily loud and dance with the rhythm. The bar is full of eccentric decor, uncontrollable atmosphere. It shouldn’t be wild and intense for you; in case it is, grab a drink and admire the glittering city from the terrace.

The Jiashan

This is enlivening! Make your way through a vegetable market till you reach a stack of new architectural buildings. That’s Jiashan Market, the heart of the city and a getaway for visitors. You get to savour various dishes, be greeted by a parrot at the Japanese Utsuwa as well as be a part of several events such as art and crafts, urban farming and fairs.

Terrace Brunch

Have a craving for freshly baked pastries? Well, stop by the recently opened French Bakery Farine to savour some amazing pastries. It’s easy to find! Just behind the old artistic French houses abides Fergosun Lane with a lunch cafe, few art galleries and a pizza bar.

Cycle through French Concession

Nothing is as gratifying than cycling through the ancient French style homes and leaving behind the beautiful tree-lined lanes. The French Concession is renowned for restaurants and foreign residence. Explore this European precinct on a bicycle.

Taste Spices

Different province of Shanghai has its own taste and gastronomic delicacies. To sample Shanghainese dish, consider Yin par les Garcons Chinois. During weekends, enjoy fabulous music and enjoy spicy Sichuan food. The food is cheap and mouth-watering and puts your mouth on fire. Yunnan food is amazing too, with mushrooms and the blending spices.

An Evening Party at the Senator

Looking for a perfect place to start a night-out? Well, this is the one! The Senator is situated in the French Concession and you may not know about the exquisite bar there. There is no advertising or a board that would tag this place as famous. Start your drinks at RMB60, with cocktails, followed by bourbon with bacon. It’s for sure, a fantastic experience!

The ‘Bund’ Stroll

The Bund is a captivating line of commercial edifices that looks quite impressive and artistic. You may prefer walking right by the buildings, alongside the waterways. Begin your walk from Astor and through the British Consulate and prolong towards House of Roosevelt to the terrace with a drink in the hand. You’ll surely feel you have gone back to the early 1920s.

Sniff 32 Wines

Bund, being a must-visit experience, one should not expect a formal atmosphere – in fact get ready for the opposite! Impress with your dress, feel comfortable and relish amazing French menu crafted by Chef Paul Pairet. You’ll be Astonished by the way food is served, and taste. Taste some of the 32 wines that are served from a wine cabinet.

Sip tea in the clouds

What you need is a cup of tea while gazing at the city from the Park Hyatt lobby. For your kind information, this lobby is on the 87th floor of the staggering Shanghai World Financial Center. The view of the Huangpu River is impressive.

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