Enjoyment of Las Vegas Under $20

Exploring, enjoying and experiencing Las Vegas under $20 can’t possibly be comprehended. Doesn’t matter if you’re there for gaming, shopping, admiring art or dining with the LV nightlife, the sin city has it all for cheap.
For those keen on squandering more time than just money, you can dig out 101 that will keep you under $20, not diminishing the amount of fun and excitement.

Look Down from the Hoover Dam Bypass

Let’s say you begin exploring the city by halting at Hoover Dam Bypass. The massive bridge is situated about 35 miles to the south of Las Vegas, making it the most captivating site for some amazing views of none other than the Colorado River.

The Flora and Fauna

Pass by the unreal Statue of Liberty and the replica of the Pyramid to witness the real ‘Fabulous City’ comprising of the botanic gardens, a museum and cactus trails at the Bugsy Siegel desert. It stays open from 10 am to 6 pm.

A Massive Chandelier

The lobby at the Bellagio is a must-see, with a gigantic work of art on the chandelier with numerous flower petals of glass. Take a peek around the CityCenter and head towards Crystals Place where artists sell their glass works at a good price.

The Flamingo Hotel Birds

Explore the striking wildlife habitat at the 15-acre home to various swans, koi fish, grackles and pheasants. Do get your binoculars!

Snapshot with a Vegas Showgirl

Capture the glamour of Vegas and bring home a souvenir – a picture of you with a showgirl. You can go to Harrah’s which is near the north entrance of the casino.

Your Smiling Kid

Have you ever seen your kid enjoying in the rain. Well, how about harbouring rainstorm at a Miracle Mile Shop with darken skies and a terrific downpour? Allow kids to enjoy being wet in the storm and playing on the rocks.

Eiffel Tower at Las Vegas

You may have seen the real one, but still, ascending the 460 feet up the Eiffel Tower presents amazing sights and spectacular vistas of the city.

Genius Bartenders

Admire and enjoy being in the presence of the bartenders of Harrah’s Carnaval Court as they dance and flip their colourful bottles to create the most perfect drink.

The Museum of the Mob

The National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement is the hottest new attraction in the town that displays various crime figures such as Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel and many others.

The H&M Store

Now you can shop at the cheap three-storied Hennes & Mauritz store in US that opens daily at 10 am.
Explore fine art galleries with Monet at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and admire works of Picasso, Andy Warhol and Chagall. Stroll down the Main Street Station for Antiques and check out the private rail car of Buffalo Bill’s and the stone slab of the Berlin Wall.
Other economical places include M&M’s World, Silverton Hotel and Casino Aquarium, Don Pablo Cigar Factory and Big Elvis. Seeing the love for Vegas and overflowing tourism industry, now even budgeted travellers along with the rich and stylish can explore the Sin City at their own rapidity.

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