European Cities that Top a Travellers List

With the onset of the winter season, travellers start surfing for cheap holidays to Europe as they are the most sought-after travel deals. If you do not want to slob out on the beach or do not wish want to go on long trips, these short city breaks and are just perfect for activities, exploration, entertainment and rural retreats.

The European destinations are teeming with diverse natural sights, amiable people and a variety of places of interest, so witness everything right from the birth of democracy to the Second World War, because it bears the scars of incredible history. Make sure you witness most of the staggering attractions, right from the ruins of Roman Colosseum in Rome to the splendour of the Tudor Palaces in England, the shuddery buildings of Auschwitz in Poland to the age-old acropolis in Athens, Europe is truly drenched in heritage.

Let’s take go on a tour and explore some of the eminent romantic destinations in Europe.


This destination is mere jump, hop and skip from the UK, due to its short distance and all the more, it makes it perfectly positioned for an easy city break. Less time is consumed while travelling and more time is spent in enjoying the destination, which is truly a windfall. While holidaying in France, you do not have to travel across the globe to have memorable holidays in France. It’s quite true, that sometimes the best destinations are the ones that are just at a stone’s throw from from where you are.


This European destination has everything that you need in order to enjoy a perfect Mediterranean holiday and has been named after the English Monarch, Queen Victoria. Hence, start your trip to Gozo, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The Citadel overshadows the skyline of Victoria or Rabats as the locals prefer to call it. The walled castle area was built in the middle ages and it was meant to protect the people from the pirates and any outside threats. The views from the Citadel across the city and the surroundings are worth every penny. With cheap holiday packages, make sure you do not miss visiting the baroque Cathedral, which was built in 17th century.


Spain needs no introduction. It is a brilliant mixture of tapas, sunlight, sand, sangria (a beverage common in Spain and Portugal) and gypsy dancing. Whether you wish to explore the thriving cities, bucolic towns or just relish the sun with beach holidays, this place has it all. Come here and enjoy this bewitching and relaxed country.


Greece is just the perfect destination for you due to its past ruins, sensational beaches, reverberant resorts and time-honoured tavernas (a small cafe or restaurant in Greece). You can be sure, that this is an island with character and atmosphere which is highly suitable for you. Greece is known for its tepid and welcoming climate that will boost up your tour all the more. You can avail cheap package deals to Greece and enjoying saving your hard-earned money.


With a blend of a true endemic culture with a long-standing Mediterranean flair to experience the authentic Italian La Dolce Vita (the sweet life), you’ll truly be spoilt for choices when it comes to spending your holidays in Italy. The enchanting Riviera coastlines, the glorious Alps and the Italian Lake sceneries will surely remind you of the fairy tales. Each of these, offer a distinct holiday in Italy, which is worth visiting and worth experiencing.


Portugal is a country of astonishing beauty and diversity, known far and wide for its bright blue skies, crystal clear seas, stunning landscapes and beaches, as well as activities and delicious food galore. This season, go for holidays in Portugal and cherish them for years to come. You can choose from a wide range of travel deals along with budget-friendly accommodation. So, start packing to spend a relaxing time with your loved ones in the arms of Europe.

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