Even Ice Creams Are Made of Garlic and Lobster

The National Ice Cream Day is celebrated in July all over the U.S; it is one day of the year when everybody can relinquish the guilt of gulping down all flavours of Ben & Jerry’s. But, in case your taste buds have got bored of usual flavours like chocolate chips, vanilla or cookie dough scoops then try some distinctly new flavours and potentially different ice flavours.
Therefore it’s time to swap Oreo pieces and peanut butter swirls for less unconventional tastes like oysters, cheddar cheese and bugs. If you are worried about calories then widen your tastes and grab the cones to choose your flavours.

Cheese and Spaghetti Ice Cream of Venezuela

Okay, before you crumple your sense organ and give an unpleasant look try this from an ice-cream parlour in Merida, Venezuela. It is a cheese flavoured ice-cream with generous amount of spaghetti but no flavourful pasta dressing in it so you are free to add this on your cone. It is a shop known for its unpleasant ice-cream seasonings in the world so would you try this tantalizing combination?

Beer Ice Cream from Frozen Pints

Yes, you heard it right because now you can even eat beer and obviously this flavour was made accidently so it is bound be mouth-watering. Some of the best sellers are Honey IPA and Brown Ale Chip. Frozen Pints gives a distinct taste which is beyond cream and hops. It is their love for beer which is crafted cautiously in order to get the best of their properties through the potential of a brew.

Lobster Flavoured Ice Cream

Do not get ditched by the tag ‘chocolate’ at Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbour, Maine. It makes the most wanted savoury which is the Lobster flavoured ice-cream, with dollops of butter and fresh lobster in each bite. During the busy season, ice-cream lovers flock to this shop to relish this delicacy.

Ice Cream Cheeseburger Florida

Florida State Fair attracts tourists from all over the world due to its weird cheeseburger ice-cream from Carousel Foods. It is a cheeseburger has some flavourful toppings like lettuce, tomatoes and pickles which makes a huge scoop of fried ice-cream.

Cicada Ice Cream Missouri

It is a weird dessert made out of bugs but sadly Sparky’s no longer sells this ice-cream but in case you happen to come across one then know this for your information. Cicadas are grabbed, churned, surfaced with sugar and chocolate. Then they are closed and wrapped into brown sugar ice-cream.

Beef Tongue Ice Cream Tokyo

The Japanese usually do not dig into a dessert after a meal, but since few years, many Japanese housewives developed the passion of buying ice cream as it is highly refreshing and easy to serve as well as conclude a well-eaten meal. For meat lovers, the beef tongue ice cream tops among locals. Far East nations enjoy other flavours of ice cream too, which are beer, natto, and octopus flavoured ice cream.

Garlic Ice Cream

Many ice cream enthusiasts also love garlic flavoured ice-cream while other adventurous gourmands have tried other spicy flavours like nutmeg, ginger and even jalapeno. If you do not like any particular flavour then try masala ice cream which is unexpectedly spicy and delectable.

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