Everything is just magnificent with holidays in Venice

Holidays in Venice churns up heavenly pleasures to experience the romantic ambience of an irresistibly beautiful city.

The busiest tourist seasons between April to October and during the popular Carnival in February. However, winters are the best times to travel to Venice.

Accommodation in Venice – low cost hotel deals

As you might expect from a city famous for its canals, water is the main medium of transport in Venice.


Water buses, known as Vaporetti, ply the Grand Canal and make scheduled stops. Instead of taxi cabs, visitors can hire a water taxi or a gondola, piloted by an efficient gondolier.

The unique city leaves not choice in matters of transport. Walking around the city is the best way to explore and bask in the romantic charm. Accommodation in the Italian metropolis ranks internationally and provides the best vacations tourists booking Venice flights can dream of.

The romantic ambience guarantees quaint lodging meant to spend some time basking the charm.

Venice Attractions with all inclusive holidays

Venice rests on one of a series of 117 islands distributed throughout the Venetian lagoon, nestled at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea. Reputed for its entrancing beauty, ecstatic boat rides in beautifully lit and blessed with a romantic ambience. One can fine umpteen things to do in Venice.

Spectacular canals in Venice

Move through the endless canals of the breathtaking metropolis taking a romantic gondola ride under the stars.


The sense of the city’s beauty and timelessness is magical and shall capture your hearts and uplift souls boarding Venice flights.

Stupendous Structures

With Venice city breaks this romantic city does, however, boast many more excellent tourist attractions. The Grand Canal (Canalazzo), Venice’s main waterway, divides the city. It is the core around which much of the activity in the city is conducted, amidst the elegant facades of the palazzi.

Gothic Structures

With Venice holidays a ‘must-see’ is St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco), in the heart of Venice. Basilica dei Frari, a Gothic Franciscan church, was constructed in the 14th century and is mostly known for being the gravesite of Titian and the Venetian sculptor, Antonio Canova.


Artistic Reverbs

Explore the School of St. Roch or the Gallerie dell’Academia, which houses one of Europe’s finest art collections from the 14th to 18th centuries.

Visit the historic La Fenice Theater or the Jewish Ghetto, where the word ‘ghetto’ derives from. Life is still very active in the ghetto, home to synagogues, as well as various shops and restaurants.

Venice cuisine

While Venice’s cuisine can’t compare with many other Italian destinations, it does have some wonderful restaurants featuring the cuisine of the Veneto. One of Venetian cuisine’s most celebrated ingredients is cuttlefish, and its ink.

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Elegant Venetian buildings and palaces and labyrinth of canals that make up this unique city tempt tourists to flock to this mesmerizing Italian City to experience its inimitable charm.

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