Explore Top 7 Beaches in Majorca

The tiny coastal town of Majorca has beaches that are woven with dreams and add spice to your beach holidays in Majorca. With azure waters as clear as a crystal, the powdery white sand, mysterious coves, swaying palm trees and rugged cliffs, these beaches are hewn seductively which are easily accessible only by foot. No doubt, Majorca beaches are one of the best in the world.

With more than 120 beaches and dotted coves situated uniquely along its expansive coastline, with the help of our guide, you can easily find your own slice of paradise.

Though the Majorca beaches are totally unique in their own way, we have toiled day and night and listed some of the famous and stunning beaches on the island for you. These beaches only stand apart for their turquoise sea, pretty inlets, white sand, impressive inlets and the natural landscape it possesses. Few of these beaches might be untouched by tourism, but they await your exploration, only to prove that dreams are real and they abide in Majorca.

Cala Agulla

Towards northeast Majorca, the Cala Agulla boasts a perfect, golden-brown sand that might just entice you to indulge in a game of volleyball. This beach can be best accessed from Capdepera, which is 1.8 kilometres from Cala Ratjada. With holidays to Majorca, you will surely be spending some quality time, far away from maddening crowd and your daily routine.

Cala Mondrago

Excite your trip with this unpolluted beach, located towards the southern point. Apart from being quite sandy, there are rugged rocks which make it extremely popular for snorkelling. Hidden from the main city and all its hustle and bustle, this beach is tucked away, but provides and easy-to-reach option by bus, train or even through a car.

Es Trenc

Majorca’s most famous beach Es Trenc, no doubt, offers pure white sand and a much peaceful atmosphere. If you want to play Robinson Crusoe and take your imagination further, this is it. Positioned towards the southern part of the island, Es Trenc is approximately 15-minutes away from the Campos Village.

Cala Formentor

Welcome to this 1 km long beauty of Majorca. The silky sands are much more inviting than the sea. The turquoise warm waters do offer a heavenly experience to tourists, especially those who are coming in for the first time. Those of you visiting again, you already know the surreal experience this beach has. With such beaches in access, your Majorca holidays 2016 will never be the same again.

Port d’Alcudia

Illustrious and tagged as the best beach for 2012, Port d’Alcudia is a one-of-a-kind of beach situated towards the north-east islands of Majorca. It is also one of the resorts which is extremely popular with tourists. With the sea currents, there’s not much activity and happening in the water, but it is an amazing place to be.

Playa de Muro

The Playa de Muro is located towards the north-coast beach and it is also well-known as Platja de Musro, in the Catalan name. With an estimated distance of 60 kilometres from the Majorca International Airport, you will witness the Blue-Flag Playa beach sandwiched between the resorts.


With a measurement of 300 metres by 90 metres, the overcrowding is never a hindrance on this beach. Situated on the north-east part of the island, you will always find a free parking space for your vehicle. This peaceful resort is highly popular with families and younger children.

Port de Pollenca

Also known and famous as Puerto Pollensa for those who speak Spanish, this amazing beach beauty is situated towards Majorca’s north-east coast. You need to travel almost 6 kilometres from the inland town, either by cycling or by the boat-bus. You can also avail holidays in Majorca just to be on these beaches.

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