Explore Top 9 Attractions in Majorca

Explore Top 9 Attractions in Majorca

Majorca needs no introduction. Travellers and non-travellers very well know about this amazing coastal charm while planning holidays to Majorca. Delve into the heavenly sandy beaches and soak up the Mediterranean climate of Majorca. Surely, this coastal beauty is extremely popular all year round. With stunning sunbathing spots, gigantic waterparks, interesting history and a vibrant nightlife, visitors are drawn to the amazing island.

Due to diverse holiday packages and huge deals from Holiday Desire, visiting the Balearics is quite easy. There are several reasons to visit this stupefying destination. Consider few of these Majorca attractions while you chart out your tour in the tantalizing Spanish town.

Take A Trip On Mallorca Balloons

With holidays in Majorca, you will surely love the various colourful balloons and enjoy every trip that takes you above the towns, coasts and hills. Majorca balloons offer amazing excursions right from the Manacor Balloon Airport and tourists gather from all to witness and take part in the fun. This is mostly loved by couples and young people. Better go early to get the ticket, as the crowd gets dense. If you suffer with vertigo, there are balloons that fly low for such people. It is equally engrossing!

Revel in Fiesta Rey En Jaume

At the start of each September, a large festival takes place in Santa Ponsa, which is known as Fiesta of Rei en Jaume. This festival marks and remembers the successful landing and ruling of the Moorish conquerors in the 1200s. The highlights include a giant parade, DJ sessions, foam party and a medieval market where you can eat, drink and be merry on your Majorca holidays.

Visit Palma Cathedral

The exteriors of the cathedral might seem like a spaceship, but once you step inside, the overall setting is extremely simple. You will surely get a Gothic feel to it. Just stand at the seafront and gape at its golden exterior right above the ancient city walls. It’s purely a feeling that is out-of-the-world.


Visiting Bellver Castle

Situated at the outskirts of the city of Palma, the 14th century Castell de Bellver is drenched in history and an interesting legend. You will surely not keep your hands off the camera while you stand infront of the massive castle. With a guide, you will definitely imagine the amazing past that is associated with the castle. Learn about various rulers and their empires while you take a walk through the corridors. With all inclusive Majorca holidays plan your itinerary in a strategic way where you can explore the iconic landmarks.

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