Explore Top Lakeside Retreats in Europe

Since Europe has turned into a snow land this winter and summers are still away, turn your attention from other tourist attractions to an under appreciated lake side that is characterized by its placidity, natural beauty and breathtaking ambience which makes it more popular than seas and oceans.
While beach breaks have their own place but lake holidays offer the same pleasant experience without the sand in your food and moisture sucking water in your hair. Therefore this time move away from the shores of Europe to one of the dreamy lakeside destination.

Lake Orta, Italy

Arguably this is known as the ‘Godfather of lakes’ in Europe and this Italy Lake has something or other depending on the budget and chance to spot celebs. It is in close proximity to the throngs of tourists that come down upon Maggiore, Garda and Como.
Better known as Lago d’Orta, it is still under the radar and certainly boasts of all kinds of scenic and culinary delights. It is just an hour’s drive from Milan and too convenient for a short city break.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Croatia is known for its rich, diverse, beautiful setting and stunning Plitvice Lakes that have been carefully protected from tourists stampede, an array of impressive waterfalls and a chance to glance the aqua waters which are truly an unique sight.

Saimaa Lake, Finland

It covers an area of 4,400 sq, kilometers and Saimaa Lake is the largest in Finland and the fourth largest in Europe. Most of the lake is dotted 14,000 small islands of varied shapes that make it look like a watery labyrinth.
This offers some of the most beautiful scenic sights in Finland that makes Saimaa Lake one of the most beautiful destinations in northern Europe. Some of its green pastures are available for purchase for those who can afford to buy such a luxury.

Lake of Sainte-Croix, France

This is a man-made lake, the credit of which goes back to 1970’s but Sainte Croix makes up for the lack of natural origins with ridiculously pleasing views and aqua bright waters in which you can take a dip, pedalo and kayak.
Other French lakes like Annecy received high number of visitors round the year so you’ll find that Sainte-Croix is almost a sanctuary in September.

Lake Heviz, Hungary

You might still not be convinced that European lake waters are warm enough to swim. Lake Heviz is the lake for you and the largest thermal lake in Europe that is known for its “geological curiosity” but thanks to its waters that stay warm at 38.5 Celsius all the year round.
This is relatively small in size that covers an area of 12 acres. This lake is at a walking distance from the much bigger that is slightly cooler than the beautiful Lake Balaton.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is the habitation for many hidden gems of Europe and Lake Bled happens to be one of them, today its beauty is no longer a secret. With fairy-tale like setting, beautiful churches peaking from the trees on Bled Island bordered by topaz blue water of lake, you shouldn’t postpone visiting this place as it looks magical buried beneath the winter snow.
Truly European lakes are compelling places to visit if you are looking forward for a watery vacation. You will love to enjoy its calmness with some interesting moments to capture.

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