Exploring Chapada Diamantina National Park of Brazil

Brazil is mostly known for its vivid culture, delicious food, heart-pounding nightlife and vibrant beaches. Beaches so broad and wide, that they can fit the world into it. But the rambling South American city hides most of its beauty from the outside world. One such stupendous natural beauty is the Chapada Diamantina National Park in the state of Bahia, located in the eastern part of Brazil.

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The park is blessed with a fascinating landscape that cuts through the majestic state of Brazil. With a unique ecosystem and highest mountain range of 5660 ft (1800m), the entire mountainous region is much larger than Israel. No wonder the park offers unbeatable scenery and famed as the jewel of ecotourism. The names ‘Chapada’ usually means ‘a region of cliffs’ in the native Brazilian language.

The landscape got erected in the process of soil erosion that happened during the pre-Cambrian period, when towers of minerals ruled that place. Surrounding towns grew in this area with the significant of these minerals.

Some True Facts about the Park

Chapada holds spectacular treasures underground. The underground is exceedingly fascinating with many caves and rivers. Watching the Pratinha River leaving the underground and surfacing on the earth is a sheer majestic sight. The caves possess unlimited beauty and characteristics. The sunrays kiss the crystal clear water making a silvery tone that names the river.

Magnificent Hills and Waterfalls

To marvel at the beautiful sunset, the Pai Inacia Hill is the best place you can ever be. Nothing can be more awe-inspiring than the 112-storey Fumaca Waterfall that seems to be a smoke when seen from a distance. The constant wind hits the falls creating a magical smoke like design.

Make a Wish at the Well

The gleaming beauty of blue at the Poco Encantado – the Enchanted Well is so very transparent that while you stand on the edge, you can easily see the bottom, when the rays reflect through the hole of the cave lighting up the area with an electric-blue tone.

Sossego Falls

What forms the majestic Sossego Falls is the Ribeirao River that flows into the deep valley and tumbles through a narrow rocky canyon, forming the astounding falls that gushes down the lofty cliffs.

Water Water Everywhere!

You may stumble upon some swimming holes, filled with crystal-clear water in the glossy rocks of the Serrano River. The Primavera Waterfall is a beautifully decorated riverbed cut out by water. Discover trails, towering hills, and waterfalls with the best tour guide in that region.

A Long Tunnel

Lapa Doce forms a huge cave with a 14 mile long tunnel with high roofs. Admire gigantic fishes and aquatic plants in the underground river.

Best Time to Go

The rains pour down in between December to March and then best time to capture and admire the falls. To avoid the crowd of high season, April to May and August to October is the best time. The time spent in this enchanted fauna in the abyssal valleys will always remain unforgettable.

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