Exploring Japan on a Shoestring Budget

You might be buying flights to Japan at present and wondering if several travellers suspect Japan to be quite expensive, and out of reach! But times have changed and they are changing. New laws and the rising tourism features, are turning the Land of the Rising Sun into a playground of cultural attractions and entertainment.
Even with this innovative shift, Japan can still be expensive, but the good news is that it does not have to be. How about some 15-20 tips how you can economize on your trip even with tickets to Japan. You can follow them and accumulate some funds for some extra splurge.

Off-Peak Travel

So when is the peak season in Japan? Cherry blossom and the spectacular autumn foliage moments are the peak season for Japanese travellers, which also brings in peak hotel rates. Planning a trip to Japan during such off season can save you a bundle. There are other peak times and seasons such as the Golden Week and the Festival of Obon.

Discounted Air fares

Some airlines offer inexpensive airfares to Tokyo for passengers who abstain from some benefits like frequent flier points and getting tickets changed. For instance, Singapore Airlines allow you to select from three fares on the route from LA to Tokyo without any cancellations and for the cheapest.

Discounts with Domestic Air Discounts

Search for discounted air tickets to Tokyo if you plan to head beyond the main gateway of Tokyo. For far-sighted domestic destinations, this is faster and quite cheaper than train travel.

From the Airport

After de-boarding from your flight, do not feel stranded and do not hurry to call for a taxi. Fares from the Narita International Airport can cost you £130, and even more for excess luggage. The rail and bus service are commendable. The limousine buses can drop you at any hotel or the destination of your choice in £20. Combination tickets offers transportation as well as subway passes for the cost of a single airport transfer.

A Local Transit is Much Better

Most of the cities in Japan are efficiently navigable by train and even trams at a much lesser fare. For example, the Tokyo subway fare begins from 160 Yen per journey. Do remember that day passes are a huge saver if you plan to take several trips.

Walk and Live Long

Have you ever wondered that Japanese people stay fit and healthy and live to a good old age? Well, they walk everywhere and if you wish to soak in the Japanese towns and cities, nothing is as refreshing as a walk down the city lanes.

Get a Rail Pass

For regular, longer trips within the Japanese territory, the Japan Rail Pass will reduce excess paying out for a week or two. These Rail Passes must be purchased before you arrive in Japan. If you are keen on exploring just one city or region, these regional rail passes can be purchased after you arrive.

Long Distance Buses

The highway buses in Japan are spacious and plush. Boarding one of these can save you several yen per trip. The ride could be 4-5 times longer, but it is an overnight bus, that equals to one night’s hotel bill which you won’t eventually be paying.

Free Sights with cheap flights to Tokyo

Believe it or not! But, some of Japan’s most captivating sights do not cost anything to explore and admire. For example: thriving markets, Shinto shrines, open-air markets and several architectural displays.

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