Exploring the Beauty of Pakistan in Lahore and Islamabad

Pakistan may not be in the top five names of a traveller’s best place, or even tag it as a dream destination. Surprise pops up if you hear someone going on a holiday to Pakistan. The first thing that comes to mind is travel safety.

Three Handsome Brothers

The nation is blessed with three key cities – the capital city of Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. Islamabad is a thriving lush sleepy city with a captivating backdrop of the Margalla Hills Park. With trails and trek paths you can walk up to a spicy restaurant and capture the view of the whole city in one shot.
Lahore poses as the jewel in the crown as there is so much to explore when you scratch the surface. Hire a good speaking guide from Lahore Fort and have the whole city to yourself. Lahore fort is extremely impressive, home to the British at the times of the Raj (rule) before Pakistan was formed.

As Mighty as the Fort

Facing the fort stands the intriguing Mughal Mosque whose scale is just too magnificent. Probably, around 90,000 people can worship at the porticoes and courtyard. As you walking, feel your breath being taken away.
As you creep into the old town area, the atmosphere is totally diverse. The streets and the setup struggle to survive, but everything is so genuine.

Love Thy Neighbor

Without experiencing a trip to the Wagah Border the journey remains incomplete. It the only land bordering India and Pakistan. Every evening there is a stimulating ceremony with officials cheering the loudest. The most tallest and well-built soldiers are chosen to stomp their feet and March towards India lifting their flag high till the sunset. At sunset the flags are lowered and the borders are closed.
Touring Pakistan is a moment to remember! The people are sociable, curious and glad to see you. A woman needs to dress properly by covering legs properly and with a loose top cover your shoulders and hips. Being aware of this doesn’t mean that you have to rush a purchase clothes fitting your tour; having a scarf is quite handy and you do not have to cover your head every time, except when you enter a mosque. The air might be pinching, forcing you to buy a scarf anyway.
Speaking of staying in a hotel, the Avari Hotel with a refreshing swimming pool and a bar is highly recommended. You can get good beer too! In a dry and hot city, this accommodation is quite exciting. Sample delicious spicy BBQ at Andaaz, facing the majestic Lahore Fort and admiring kites at night. Head towards the Mall of Lahore for a ravishing shopping experience and hit your pillow recalling the happenings of the day.

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