Exploring the Wild and Fascinating Side of Bolivia

Bolivia is seriously an enjoyable city that will gradually drive you crazy. For those who imagined Bolivia as a rigid and untackable, the experience would be out-of-this-world. Well, the reason for this is a country full of characteristics that has the power either to make or break a person’s personal experience.
Once you are out of the thrilling cities of Potosi, La Paz, Sucre, Bolivia turns out to be very self-centred and unfriendly. One can face several hindrances mainly in terms of money, food, transport, culture and the varying moods of the people.
It’s totally an experience one can cherish in Bolivia and one will remember the lessons that are learnt. No one should be discouraged from visiting this massive land, but get an insight what you can expect from a Bolivian travel.

Getting Money Change is Frustrating

A tourist pay hand out a big dollar or pound bill and it’s sometimes a ‘no’ in order to get some change and you land up arguing with restaurant waiters, taxi owners and stall vendors. While shopping you may have a suspicious feel that shopkeepers may simply make up the price of a product on the spot. The bottom-line is, in Bolivia, pretty much everything is extremely reasonable; whether you are on a bus journey, or relish a three-course meal or book an ensuite room at a hotel. You’re in for a treat!

Bolivian Food is an Experience

You can explore something that stands out in Bolivia – 1000 different varieties of potato and Coca Cola being the choicest drink. Bolivians do know what and how they love in their food. Most Bolivians have a regular lump in their cheek as they enjoy chewing coca leaves to fight the disadvantages of altitude. Ordering food in a village restaurant would seem like waiting for ages. You never know who might take down your order. Sometimes even a 10-year old waitress can cook the stuff you ordered.
But Bolivian food will gratify you much more than you think. With daily orderings of meat soup, rice and potato dishes, the meals are quite filling and offer you a pot-belly. Outside the Bolivian cuisine, you can sample amazing desserts and starters such as steak and potato preparations.

The Fascinating Bolivian Culture

The Bolivian cultural attributes stand out so much, that every aspect is highly interesting. Colourfully dressed women and men are quite natural in every town. Facing a camera might make them shy. Juveniles cover their faces to hide their identities. Various artifacts hand in the shops to bring good luck in your life and homes.

Bolivia in Conclusion

The country is challenging as well as terrifically fascinating, one needs to get under the skin to get the real Bolivian taste. The advice is, if a place doesn’t suit you; just linger on for few days. Rent an apartment of search for a home-stay, learn the local language, buy local stuff, you will fall in love with Bolivia.
Despite the challenges and stress, there are several positives – amazing culture, budget-friendly costs, adventure, and spectacular landscapes. Enjoy the unexpected experiences!

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