Fake Online Reviews – Disappointing Customers, Degrading the Product

It’s a fact and quite true, that Crystal Travel Reviews and ratings are just to powerful to overlook. But, after we go through a couple of reviews, how do we rate them and what is our verdict for the product?

Surely, a five-star rating and a commendable review seems like the most satisfying thing that we have ever seen for any travel product. But what if those items had only five-star reviews and not even one negative comment? Can they really be trusted?

There are reputed companies that have sued numerous sellers for their phony product reviews. It really becomes wise to be wary of what you read and to what conclusion you come after reading the review. A survey has proved that approximately 75% people read consumer reviews right before making that purchase and simultaneously, 8 out of 10 people do question the honesty and stability of such reviews all over the internet.

If you come across a site, where everything is a ‘five-star review’ and the language seems too marketing, well, your instincts will definitely prick you and tell you that something is exaggerated. Several customers have expressed their concern as well as excitement with Crystal Travel feedback, appreciating and providing innovative ideas for much more betterment. Check some Hilarious Travel Complaints Unmasked

Beware of the ‘Bad 5-star review’

The recent brands and several e-commerce websites have shown a great interest in making sure that the reviews that appear on their sites come from genuine customers and not from paid writers who do not know anything other than providing golden five-star ratings. There was also a massive online movement on Twitter, claiming justice for fake reviews on TripAdvisor, which circulates million reviews of hotels and restaurants.

A very vital thing to notice, that when the rating of a product, hotel or flight is between 3.5 to 4.5, the purchasehood is at it’s peak. By the time the rating reaches 5, the purchase activity drops. In one sense, consumers now know that all five-star reviews are too good to be genuine.

Online reviews and rating is a matter of trust issue 

If a website review cannot be trusted, that site might not loose a sale, but the customer for sure, hence, recent movements have come up with a term that will create an awareness. This is called ‘fairly healthy commenting community’ and it’s surely increasing.

It’s purely a trust issue and few sites can make out if the review, feedback and comments made by the customers are fake or spammy. Nowadays, contents and reviews can be easily figured out if they are suspicious, hence, the client will not trust the information and will hesitate to buy the product.

Most sites provide a box for comments or feedback but the e-commerce site uses star-ratings and reviews. Few other sites have an agreement that administer the inputs and makes sure that the customer generated review is purely authentic. There is also a policy that the content should be free from spam and fraud, free from every kind of classification and alteration and needs to be transparent.

Few companies have taken up the policy that they will not ask consumers to write positive reviews and if that particular company offers any kind of discount or compensation, the negotiation and the transaction must be revealed.

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