Famous Places and Food of Seoul Incheon

Are you comfortable with people of your age, or you are likely to gel in well with anyone and everyone? Surveys have found that many are comfortable to relate with people of their age. Suppose you are travelling alone, or with a group of friends, you would definitely stick to peers of your age, or try to be sociable with someone or your age overseas.
Seoul can be tagged as a city inhabited by people of every age who are extremely sociable, but you just need to find out the correct places to be at the correct time to mix in with friends of your age.

Why not try Hongdae?

This is Korea’s most esteemed art universities, surrounded by an amalgamation of cultures. You many call it ‘the cultural Mecca’ of Seoul Incheon. You can come across youngsters with pink hair, rappers, artists and students. Since Korea has a very sturdy culture and mindset, most people on the on the social circle are juveniles. Meet students with false identities who love to explore cheap eats and party.

Nothing like Itaewon

Itaewon is a district with a long, rich tale of people from all over the globe, which points out to authentic cuisine and diverse bars and clubs. It’s quite a famous place to savour good food at one of the trendiest restaurants and meet Korean and non-Korean singles at a cocktail bar.

The Fancy Cheongdam

Cheongdam is all about branded names, ritzy cars and expensive restaurants, which mean a pocket full of money. Most of Cheongdam is packed with Korean tycoons with top-class career and lavish spending. In light of this place, do not forget Garosugil.

Geondae University Station

If you omit all the art and culture and bring in more drinking, Geondae University is born! Not just normal drinking, pretty heavy drinking that stirs up a good pampering and creates moments to meet with others.
Stroll down Geondae lane, and you can find cheap bars, BBQ food courts, beer and chicken. The place might be economical, but highly wild and young.

Care from some Delicious Korean Street Food?

Korea is a cauldron for some amazing street food. In the freezing temperatures, food fanatics never forget to savour hotteok (a sweet pancake dessert). You will love it as it is warm enough to heat your body up in your mouth. The dish is made out of dough, stuffed with sugar, nuts, honey and cinnamon. There are various places spread out where you can savour hotteok in Seoul!
Crispy Hotteok can be found at the core of Insadong. The dough is mixed in corn starch, which is then deep fried. So this prominent street food becomes a hot and crunchy favourite for all. Don’t burn your mouth!
The soft and chewier Chewy Hotteok is made from rice. Such a similar delicacy has been a traditional dessert, eaten since years of Korean history. So if you love such a mouth-sweetener, this is the place you should be.
While walking past Samcheongdong Hotteok, you might feel starved and get hungrier. The best part is, if you are eating here, the Hearty Hotteok do have some amazing fillings with varieties of vegetable, onions, sweet potato, carrots that makes this delicacy savoury and delicious.

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