Fast Food Trends in Europe

When it comes to fast food, the Americans lead the world but do you know that there are various home-grown franchises right in Europe than anywhere else in the world. You’re bound to see lots of KFCs, Starbucks and McDonalds not only in the U.K but all over the world but this does not mean these brands only rule the global fast-food industry.
Fast food plays a dominant role in the lives of Europeans and there are arrays of fast food restaurants that have made a big name for themselves in spite of competing with the big fish. This is because in Europe, the fast food chains prepare the dishes with a local twist on the American Classics.
Tourists coming to Europe for holidays are bound to try McDonald’s Beef A La Russe in Moscow, fried fish at KFC Paris and Turkish sausages at Istanbul Pizza Hut. Right from Spain, Norway to Russia, the fast food joints like the Telepizza known for its pizza with some unique toppings like corn and tuna and Teremok serves pancakes made out of buckwheat flour and blinis along with sour cream. The locals simply love this even much than their American counterparts.
So next time, when you are in Barcelona you can expect to grab a quick bite of tortilla chips topped with Spanish ham at 100 Montaditos, a fast food restaurant. Fast food has even taken the traditional food culture in France where sit-down restaurants that had been an indispensible part of French life, been dethroned by hamburgers and gourmet sandwiches outnumbering the classic Gallic cuisine.
Fast food services in Europe have taken about 54 percent of the market making an annual turnover of 34 billion Euros. Even in previous years the fast food chains were fast spreading their roots but it is the first time that they have overpowered restaurants that serve food at
table. Before it was mainly sandwiches and hamburgers but today there are plenty of thematic outlets that offer salads, kebabs or bagels that are almost killing the traditional sit-down restaurants.
The other nail in the coffin is the enormous time which is spend on preparing an authentic European meal that have been long reputed lovers of spread out  cuisines. The traditional three-course meal is no longer preferred. Not only this, concluding your meal with a bottle of wine no longer seen as civilised way of distinguishing the working class with the aristocrats.
Today, even Europeans are turning into nibblers and among the winners are the sandwich sellers due to the rise of high-end products. Supermarkets are cashing on this trend and most office goers prefer to order takeaways to workplace. Places like Pret A Manger which means
‘ready to eat’ is a popular local fast food chain in London that serves healthy, fresh and local dishes.
If given a choice wouldn’t you choose a chicken wrap meal than a three-course European meal? The new trend is that, no-reservations restaurants but the posh fast food and molecular gastronomy are keeping food scene in Europe fresh and lively.

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