Five Reasons to visit Effervescent Thailand

The Land of Smiles, Thailand is often dubbed as one of the most entrancing corners in the world.  And of course, where else in the world will you find all tranquil Buddhist temples rubbing shoulders with bustling bazaars, scintillant beaches and verdant forests vying for visitor’s attention, flamboyant colors of past seamlessly blending with the striking shades of modernity!
In fact, most visitors believe that booking tickets aboard Thailand flights arriving in the Land Of Smiles is nothing but ensuring endless moments of jamboree!
Thailand – The Land of Many Smiles
The country features an extensive list of attractions and activities to keep its visitors engaged and entertain for days at length. No wonder, many who explore Bangkok’s tranquil temples; lounge languidly at Phuket’s seductive beaches; discover Chiang Mai’s cultural kaleidoscope; get a slice of Pattaya’s raunchy nightlife; or experience Koh Samui’s exquisite gorgeousness fall so in love with the country that they return to admire its timeless panache, year on year!

Fabulous Shopping Scene

And then there’s Thailand’s extravagant shopping scene! Most bargain hunters who have already been to the country believe it to be an open air market where shopping is nothing less than an art, an art to find that perfect match from a range of riveting choices!
But that’s not all! Thailand’s nightlife is appealing in equal measures. Most night owls on flights to the country spend their nights sipping that exotic cocktail and shaking their legs at one of the many discos and pubs!

Can you resist falling for Thailand with these reasons?

The Delicious Food
Without being in Thailand you cannot experience Thai food because Thai food is far more loved and tastes awesome than anywhere else in the world. There are more flavors and varieties. Learn the word ‘mai pet’, which means ‘not spicy’. Get used to one chili and any more, it can knock you out. All over the streets of Thailand, outdoor vendors serve best and cheap.
The Conducive weather
You will love the Thai sun though there is a monsoon seasons and many would love the heat and the true fact of being humid and hot may be appealing. The weather doesn’t allow jackets, so it’s always shorts and t-shirt.
The Friendly Locals
You will come across some nicest people ever who are always happy and carry a warm smile. They will help you out if you are trouble, or even with translating if you can’t speak Thai. You can feel comfortable and safe with them. Even if you leave your laptop and go to the washroom, it’s going nowhere.
Perfect for travel
Thailand is at the center of everything – 2 hours to Singapore, 3 hours to Hong Kong, 4 hours to Bali and half way between Europe and Australia. From Thailand anywhere is reachable. Imagine that a trip to Singapore, round trip, would cost you $120 USD. Not a bad deal! The surrounding spots can be the most perfect places to hold wedding vows and plunge into the honeymoon mode.
The Thriving Jungles
As captivating as the beaches, a hike through the jungles is highly thrilling. Wade through the famous hill tribes near Chiang Mai and thick forests, cool waterfalls, and amazing views.
It’s Cheap
Yes, Thailand is cheap, to live and visit. People have claimed spending just $4 USD for food including drinks and snacks. Most street food costs $1 and we can get a private room for $10 USD per night and a bungalow facing the beach for $15-20 USD. An apartment in Bangkok may cost $300 a month and it’s quite huge.
Visit Thailand with your packed bags once, and it can be your favourite country and can make a special place in your heart.

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