Five Tips to Practice Airplane Etiquette

You meet people while traveling by air; you share the same aisle, same platform and be sensitive to everyone’s struggle on board.
There are times you are forced to smash and rub elbows with your fellow passenger and with people you don’t know. Your journey is long and for extended periods of time a little caution can go a long way.
Allow your flight to be as smooth as possible for yourself and others around you and avoid getting any dirty looks. How about learning some airplane etiquette?

Carry your bag infront…

Carry your bag infront and low, while walking down the aisle. Holding it up will surely knock off the other seated passengers of their arms, heads and shoulders. Pull it down if it has wheels. Never try and get a dirty look from someone, especially from a pretty looking girl, can be heartbreaking.

Utilize the overhead…

Use the space above your seat row and never place your bags at the overhead right at the front of the aircraft until and unless you are sitting there. Avoid putting bags there!
Keep your chair straight…
Try and keep your chair straight until you know and are told that it can recline too. Never tilt your chair back when you get your seat. Recline it slowly or the fellow passenger behind you might bump his/her head. Do remember to make your chair straight again during meals.

Respect personal space…

Do you enjoy making new friends on the plane? Well, the person next to you make look busy trying to finish a task, or may simply not be interested to talk even. If you receive an unfriendly answer, leave them alone. Your neighbour is no playmate!
While watching a movie, be cautious that your screen is visible to others also. If your movie has nudity, graphic violence, etc. it may offend the more sensitive viewers (e.g. children) looking on. Using a smaller, handheld device to view movies, such as on an iPod Touch, may be more practical in this situation.
If you are engrossed into a newspaper be careful of your elbow. It’s a harmful weapon! Do not let your elbows cross borders onto someone else’s space. Try reading something on your laptop.
Try to make use of your arm rest only along with the headphone plug outlet. Try not to use someone else’s as it’s more easy for you.
Keep your stuff close. If you put a bag or a jacket at your feet, don’t let it spill over onto the legs or feet of the person sitting next to you.
Get your own reading material–don’t read theirs. They’ll notice, and it’s nosy and rude.

Avoid hogging…

Avoid hogging the aisle and remember that space is limited on board. Try to be alert and quick to put things in the overhead locker, to keep the aisle free and easily accessible. The things that you will be using frequently put them in your seat back pocket or under the seat infront of you.
When you get up, don’t yank on the seat in front, use the seat armrest
Be considerate of other passengers while exiting the plane. Resist the inner urge to push your way out and let those nearest the door, to exit first.

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