Halloween passed by, so did Bonfire Night; the countdown to Christmas has begun. If you haven’t planned your New Year bash and still pondering on it, as to how to give it a bang this, now is the time to plan.
Whether you fancy celebrating it at a local bar, sipping champers on a swanky club, admiring fireworks or mixing in the cozy climes on New Year’s Eve, there are bag-full of ideas to inspire you.

Enjoy New Year in a new city

Can it get better to see the New Year by zooming off to Europe to experience a fantastic Europe city break? New Year falls on a Wednesday, that means, you can join the last days of annual leave that you have this year with a couple of days to grab some moments for a good break.
The city of love – Paris can treat you to a romantic New Year even when you step on Champs Elysees in Paris to get a good view of Eiffel Tower in all its glory when the lights come on at midnight
Prague on the other hand will allow you to join in one of the main squares, such as Old Town to witness the fireworks. Be prepared to join in the madness of eating grapes when the clock strikes. Oh boy, the old tradition does spur up streamers, music and crowd.
In Berlin, work up for an appetite during the daytime of New Year’s Eve at the pancake race which involves competitors dressing up for a race where they flip pancakes all the way.

Have a Hair-Raising Hogmanay

Experience New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh like the Scots, for a three-day celebration of events, crowds and bands
The frivolities kick off on December 30 with a torch-lit procession through the city while the December 31 Street Party attracts 80,000 revelers from around the planet. There’s live music, fireworks and a surprise grand finale when the clock strikes 12.

London…is no less on the New Year

London is the beast when it comes to New Year and if you are keen on greeting 2014, it’s got to be in the capital.
You can experience fabulous fireworks at the Thames that sets the night sky ablaze with colorful explosion. Do head to the bridges to get the best views.
The Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland is open from November 22 to January 5. Here you can enjoy attractions and rides, including a huge wheel, outdoor ice rink and two circuses, roaring fires, markets add to the magic of the season.

Do you want to escape it all?

Not everyone wants to drown in the posh and pomp of the New Year. In fact some want to get shut and not even celebrate it.
If you are such a kind of person, a family person, want to be on your own, how about renting a cottage? Have a look into the captivating destinations in UK itself such as – The Outer Hebrides, Peak District, the Cotswold and the Cornwall. You are able to relax and enjoy fresh walk in the charming countryside on New Year’s Day.

Spend New Year at Home Sweet home

What to conclude with? If you would stay closer to home for New Year, why not ask few friends around to get a bottle of champers with something to much with. It’s cheap and easy and what can be more alluring than being with your near and dear ones?

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