Five Ways to Spend Quality Time in Bangkok

Bangkok has a deadly reputation of being a multi-faceted City of Angels. It’s among those few cities in the world where exploration is a reward for the visitors.

There’s so much action and activities on the street that you can’t help but to term it as colorfully camouflaged concoction of cultures.

You would definitely love to get lost in the tiny lanes and enjoy talking to a monk. One can explore and experience everything from exotic markets to eye-boggling skyscrapers, heart-pounding nightlife to the wildest entertainment and unforgettable cuisine. You don’t grip Bangkok, it grips you.

Attractions in Bangkok

For the more unreserved kind of person, there is unrestricted fun and ball on the cruise wading through the River Chao Phraya. You can even fritter away your time with everything you see. Entertainment is maddening and attraction are unlimited!

The finest here lies in its opposites. Getaway from the exhaustive world with cheap airlines that fly to Bangkok, stopover at Lumphini Park and alongside the blowy environ of Chao Phraya River.

Ocean lovers must visit the Siam Ocean World to see the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. Apart from the activities, the Bangkok holiday package provides you the cultural dance Siam Niramit and other events are truly spectacular. Pamper yourself into a relaxing spa, or an evening out at the movies.

Bangkok Cuisine

The eminence and variety of food grips your taste buds leaving you more and more craved. Booking cheapest Bangkok flights can put you slightly in a better position allowing a quick business tour or a holiday getaway with the best travel deals from Crystal Travel.

Bangkok will definitely enthrall you with its uptown cultural concoction and culinary. The city boasts a stunning 50,000 places to eat with amazing Thai and inter-continental dishes.

Shopping in Bangkok

For shopping, carry few thousand baht and you will stay occupied for the rest of the week. You can head straightaway to Siam Square or the MBK Center, as those are the best places to shop.

With cheapest flights deals don’t forget to have a look at Chatuchak weekend market, Banglamphu Market, Sukhumvit Emporium, Taling Chan Floating Market, the River City and Pantip Plaza for a whole lot of cheap merchandises and electronic items.

Bangkok Festivals


The festival times in Bangkok are maddening. Each one lost in the vibrancy and the spirit of a particular festival. The city rejoices and there is a sense of awe and oneness.

If you happen to be there during any one of the famous festival, you have seen it all. Check out the top five festivals in Bangkok and try to capture the essence of any one.

Bangkok Specialties


Boating is a highly rewarding experience in Bangkok. Enjoy your ride through the Thonburi west bank towards the plantations of Nonthaburi that stretches on Thailand’s Central Plains, connecting river and floating markets.

Try and savor a local specialty that you can boast about. Bangkok beach fun sparkles up the mood while heading for Hua Hin, the young minds can be found at Ko Samet where one can be playful at the emerald isle. The sand is fine and the water is clear.

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