Get to Know About the Secret Getaways in Italy

Which cities come to your mind when you think of a short city break to Italy. There are numerous, less well-known secret cities that have all the reasons to be enticing. Would you like to consider one of these amazing Italian beauties if you are planning to look for a weekend break.


This stunning city is often dominated by other famous Italian cities, but Bergamo is engrossing! Wont you love sitting at the foot of the Alps beside Lake Iseo and soak up the historic setup of the ancient city?
How about facing Citta Alta and Citta Bassa, the tale of two cities? It would be exciting to ride the funicular railway that links these two friendly cities. Action and adventure lovers have an easy access to a thrilling time of skiing and snowboarding in the Alps, as well as plenty of time for biking and hiking. You will discover plenty of places to sip coffee. Enjoy a cafe break and icy delights in La Siesta on Via Sant Alessandro.


Move away a bit from the modern setup of the city towards a medieval gateway of Lucca. You can reach Lucca by flying to Pisa, and Lucca is just a 20 minute ride by train. Lucca is a charming walled town which was partly designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. From Guinigi Tower, get a bird’s eye view across the city and beyond the Tuscan precincts of the city. Enjoy a stroll around Piazza dell’Anfiteatro that is lined with some amazing cafes and restaurants that offer outdoor seating and sumptuous dishes. Lucca is famous for Comic and Games Convention that is held in October and November.


Nestling far off, on the Tuscan hilltop, enclosed by vineyards and olives. The town may not have come much into the limelight, but it has got some really pretty information. Home to some of the most luscious grapes in the world, which can be toured and sampled individually as well as in various dishes, the city is a true delight.
As twilight creeps in, the alleyways and lanes are dimly-lit and crowded. The morning air is filled with the aroma of pastries and bakery products. The most hassle-free way to reach Montalcino is to fly to Florence or Pisa and catch the train to this Italian paradise.


Situated towards southeast Sicily, on the shores of the glittering Ionian Sea, Siracusa is home to some of the most sociable people in Italy. You will find yourself facing the ocean, enjoying the breeze at one of the restaurants in the city. Few restaurants specialize in seafood preparations such as pasta con sarde and frutta di mare. Before you fill up with the authentic mouth-watering dishes, work up to explore the gems of the city that include age-old Greek ruins, the Roman Amphitheatre, hidden alleys and attractive buildings.


Matera has been featured in several biblical movies such as The Passion of the Christ and King David. Located at the southern part, the city and its landscapes seem to be stuck in the past. Right from the 9,000 year old caves, to the modern bread baking, everything is steeped in history. Bakery products and wine light the town up with some amazing flavours. ¬†Head towards Matera by flying to Bari and taking the hour, then a half train journey to the city’s central station.

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