Glide in the Air of Five Indian Villages

A true saying, ‘Life is at its best in the villages’. Seeking respite among the rural villages is highly rewarding, especially with flights to India. Get a glance into the 5 most beautiful villages of India and make sure you explore at least one of them, if you are visiting India soon. Who knows, you may discover your roots and stumble upon the finest eco-tourism, endowed with unique cultures and raw beauty. No doubt, these villages are serene, but loaded with endless action.
The Mysterious Malana, Himachal Pradesh
Are you in the mood for some mountain mystery? It won’t be difficult for you to find your way to one of the most enchanting villages of Himachal. Yes, it is Malana! Situated in the northern Kullu Valley, Malana is illustrious for its strange clan. Legend says, troops from Alexander’s army escaped towards this area and made their dwelling here. With tickets to India, go and explore this place, not only for it’s breathtaking views and trekking activities, but to drown in the tales told by the locals. From Delhi, there are buses and cabs heading towards Manali. Hence, Malana would be 56 miles away from Manali. You could also fly to Kullu from Delhi airport. There are several inexpensive guesthouses that caters to the flocking tourists.
Touch Skies at Nako, Lahaul Spiti
Visiting Nako is like reaching the moon. Perched near the Tibetan border, this place is a picturesque resting among desolate beauty. Admire the ancient monastery, enjoy ice skating during winters and leisure out with boating on Nako Lake. Alternatively, July and August are the best months to visit Nako with taxis booked from Rampur, Delhi or Shimla. Beside the lake, there are 11 tents with attached bathrooms. Your stay will be extremely adventurous and memorable with flights from London to India.
Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh
Hidden in the lush hills of Arunachal Pradesh, the blooming Ziro Valley is home to some of the most exotic creatures that you can ever see. There is so much to see in Arunachal, you will surely be spoilt for choices. Be sure to obtain an Inner Line Permit. It is easily available here. With flights to India, some best experiences in Ziro include walking through the vast rice fields, spotting a hornbill, enjoy Ziro Music Festival and explore the Talley Valley Nature Reserve. 
From Itanagar, there are buses and taxis available to take you to Ziro. If you wish to fly, fly to Guwahati, which is 6 hours away from Itanagar. Accommodation is not a problem here. There are sustainable home-stays that are extremely gratifying.
Yana in Karnataka
With the backdrop of Sahyadri Mountains, Yana is awe-inspiring with its lofty monolith rock designs and profuse greenery. Located 25 miles away from the gleaming coastal district of Gorkana, Yana is a hideout among the forests, with an interesting secret. There is a hidden passage through the rocks, leading to a cave that holds the Shiva Lingam and an idol of Parvati. With tickets to India, to get the best of Yana, trek up to the rock routes by crossing streams. Do not miss the Vibhooti waterfalls and camping under the stars, right next to the falls. January, September and October are the most popular months to visit Yana.
Munsiyari, Kumaon
Located in Uttarakhand, Munsiyari lies on the top list of the Indian villages. With its strategic location on the primitive Salt Route to Tibet, this is a thriving secret in the hills of Kumaon, enclosed with snow-laden peaks and dense forests. Once nature lovers, hikers and adventure buffs step in with tickets to India from Crystal Travel, they will not be able to leave this momentous village, which is so very magnetic. Have you been craving for a village bliss? Well, here’s your pick!
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