Three Must Visit Summer Festivals of Barcelona

For holidayers looking to explore the great culture and history of Spain, Barcelona is unquestionably the go-to. Barcelona, the biggest center of art and history in Spain, has immensely blessed with high numbers of charmers, and so why streams of global voyagers strike at the town every summer.

Summers in Barcelona is the time to hang inside in its lavish parks and gardens, to check out its vivid range of culinary delicacies in its small restaurants, to adore romantic performances in its twisted boulvards, explore its relic cathedrals and interesting exhibitions; summers brings a serene pause in this dynamic town. However, from the plethora of pleasant things to enjoy in Barcelona during summers, festivals are most popular amidst.

Festivals of Barcelona – An Endless Treat for Curious Holidayers

Summer Festivals of Barcelona are one of the most buoyant occasions for voyagers to catch the truest essence of the magical Spanish culture. Say thanks to town’s heroic past, customs and religious spirituality whose amalgam gives aplenty of moments in whole year to celebrate. The city has its festivals on different aspects of local life, ranging from culture, religion, art to music (Barcelona hosts world known music festival every year).

Check out Barcelona’s 3 Most Famous Summer Festivals That you shouldn’t forget to miss.

1. Festes de la Merce

One of the most significant annual festivals of Barcelona, in holy memories of city’s patron saint, the Virgin de la Merce, usually occurs in last week of September and runs for a whole week duration. The feast kicks start from the Placa Sant Jaume with giant parades including several chariots of religious figures and huge numbers of people. Magic of numerous sporting events, musical shows, and firework gigs Streets fill an electrifying zest across the city’s boulvards. Catch heaps of locals competing in groups to form the highest human tower, enjoy exclusive food and drinking arrangements.

2. Monegros Desert Festival

If music entices you like nothing else, Monegros Desert Festival is the festival to catch. Every year hundreds of musicians and thousands of music aficionados meet in July of every year in the desert of Fraga, around 200 kms away from the city of Barcelona, to generate a dreamy musical environment. Presenting the top notch quality of electronic music, DJs, musical setups and much more for music lovers, the feast runs for a continuous spell of 20 hours.

3. Festival Del Grec  
Another big feast of the town, Festival Del Grec is starting from this upcoming 1ts July and will last for whole month.  Considered as the largest summer festival, Festival Del Grec hosts dazzling dance shows, circus theatres and music fests in city’s beauteous Teatre Grec and 26 other places.  From traditional Spanish and contemporary to world class dancing and music styles can be watched here. Plus, huge variety of heart melting dishes and drinks are there to pamper travelers. Voyagers can also head towards Valencia for rest of their summer holidays.

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