Go Beyond the Call of the Wild and Beaches in Dar Es Salaam

Are you quite confused about arranging a swish holiday this summer? Maybe you’re done with long flying hours and crave for something more simple such as, less flying hours’ and a time that can be managed for both recreation and adventure.
Abstaining from some famous shoreline beaches of the Far East, Indonesia, Cape Town and the Maldives you can covet for some unique outdoor amusement at the beaches of Zanzibar which sounds like a great call.

The Beaches – Seductive as a Maiden

The very name brings together a puzzle of fascinating images – seductive beaches, spice bazaars, sails in the sunset. You’ll get what you think!
So, in less than ten hours, you’ll ground at Dar es Salaam, the Tanzanian capital where travellers get divided as some prepare themselves for safari tours or embark on an adventurous climb up Kilimanjaro. Dar is truly an African jewel that lives up to its images.
As you pass through the city, you can admire everything that grows here: mangoes, coconuts, papaya, black pepper and spices that have played a key role in boosting up the trade of the nation. From Julius Nyerere Airport, your cab takes you through schools, miles of tropical jungle, villages and spices drying on mats, right up to a resort.

OMG! – It’s a 5star Tent!

From a distance, the palm-thatched grey roofs start becoming visible, extending along the shoreline and disappearing behind trees. The tents are quite luxury, varying in size, equipped with everything you need. Don’t mind the mischievous monkeys tumbling down your tent roof.
The place is enchanting, with noise of the clamming waves. The meals right from breakfast, lunch and dinner are absolutely luscious. You get to be served with amazing gentleness and hospitality. Each tent come with a deck area and the upper-class tents have verandas and pools.

Boredom is not an Option

A swim in the refreshing pool during evenings, followed by a stroll along the beach and a candlelit dining will make your day. If you are bored, pull out a kayak to the lagoon, enjoy a therapeutic massage, try to get lost into the villages and explore ruins at a creek. If you are a diver, enjoy amazing visibility and a close encounter with the corals and fishes.
Dar Es Salaam, meaning ‘the abode of peace’ is a city thriving with a lot of business activities, towering buildings and neighbouring blocks around the downtown and other areas. From dotted plains to snow capped peaks and enticing shores, the capital city delivers a classic tone of clove-aromatic air that will continue to allure visitors for centuries.

The Hypnotising Call into the Wild

Of course, it’s not all about the shores and living as a cast away, most tourists wade through the city towards the national parks to catch a glimpse of paradise. The National Museum offers a terrific insight to the tribal heritage with a window to admire traditional weapons, tribal masks and covering made out of the tree bark.
Beyond all this setup, you need to hear the call of the wild. Several trips are planned all year round where you will not dare to lock eyes with the beasts of the land. Enjoy various bird species and the flourishing savannahs.
It’s a tour you will desire to be haunted again and again, pressing your mind to return next year!

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