God knows what He did, and Africa is beautiful!!!

Safest Places to Solo Travel in the African continent

Africa is challenging and beautiful at the same time. Challenging especially for solo travellers. The fact that you’ll be travelling solo, should not discourage you from wayfaring into the rewarding continent and encounter unique and bizarre landscapes, traditions, most friendliest communities and wildlife with flights to Africa.

The fact is, travelling into Africa all by yourself is nearly impossible, but you will find new people on the way. Many are not aware that most African countries pride themselves on their generosity and kindness towards foreigners.

Whether you’re travelling in Africa, sipping coffee at a cafe or simply walking around, you will meet some curious as well as sociable people around you. Once you begin a conversation with the locals, it’s highly engaging as you learn about the different cultures. It’s one of the best things you can experience while travelling into this majestic continent.

So, where do I start exploring Africa?

So, here are the top safest picks in the continent that can be explored with cheap tickets to Africa.

Namibia…the land of the brave

Bordered with Botswana and ruling under good governance, Namibia is a safe destination that will never fail you to offer an adventure to remember. Do not miss out the Etosha National Park. It’s home to 115 mammal families and 400 bird species.

Things to Do in Namibia:

Dune 45

Quad-biking in Swakopmund

Fish River Canyon

Visit a Himba Tribe

Explore Etosha National Park

Malawi…the warm heart of Africa

Even a few years ago, Malawi was not a safe place to travel. Recent studies have proved that due to new government and economic growth, Malawi is one of the best African destinations in today’s time. Penetrating deep into the rural areas and getting along with the locals is one of the most amazing experiences one can enjoy.

Things to Do in Malawi:

Majete Wildlife Reserve

Shop at Craft Market, Lilongwe

Hike Mount Mulanje

Enjoy High tea at Huntingon House, Thyolo

Liwonde National Park 

Mozambique…the Maputo express

Hammocks, palm shades, coconut juice and an astonishing beach-life conjures up to offer the country of Mozambique. This is the idyllic place to cherish nature at its best without jet ski, nightlife and stylish restaurants. More than the surface attractions, the underwater marine life will surely startle you. Just remember to pack your swimming goggles and snorkel before cheap fights to Africa.

Things to Do in Mozambique:

Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park

Gorongosa National Park

Sample Local Fare

Montes Chimanimani

Explore Ilha de Moçambique (Mozambique Island) 

Rwanda…land of a thousand hills

With low crime rate and terrorism, Rwanda tops the travel itinerary. The past of this country is heart-breaking and rough. Over the years the country flourished into one of the most amazing places in the entire African nation. With tickets to Africa, do not miss exploring one of the largest tropical forests in Africa.

Things to Do in Rwanda:

Gorilla trekking

Visit Kimironko Market

Sit down and speak to the locals

Indulge in the local food and drink

Go salsa dancing

Madagascar…the red island

Thanks to the animated movie bearing the same name. Madagascar is famous for its wildlife. You can spot wild, cute-looking lemurs as shown in the movie. The country is generally safe due to the policies and laudable governance.

Things to Do in Madagascar:

Trek the rainforest and take a hot tub

Breakfast Malagasy style, and haute cuisine too

Simplicity and a lakeside safari

Meet Mother Nature’s most curious creatures

Enjoy a train ride 

Morocco…daughter of the desert

You can be sure of a hassle-free travel and no physical danger while travelling into Morocco. Morocco is a country with contrasts. The choice of iconic places are numerous. Right from the sociable Berber people, to the lofty Atlas Mountains and the thriving Djemaa el-Fna, visitors can peacefully travel to Morocco and get lost in time.

Things to Do in Morocco:

Have the best Orange Juice ever

Stay in a Riad

Explore the ruins of the El Badi Palace

Visit the Bahia Palace

Take a Calèche Ride

Tanzania..the amazing wilderness

If you’re going solo and looking for a country with friendly people and a kind community, Tanzania is the ultimate place that you are looking for. Due to the healthy mentality of the government, Ujamaa or Communism saves the country from hideous crimes. All the brave-hearts flock into Tanzania to sample some challenges while trekking up the Mount Kilimanjaro.

Things to do in Tanzania:

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

The endless plains of Serengeti National Park

Balloon safari

Ngorongoro crater – the cradle of mankind

Boat safari in Selous Game Reserve

Ethiopia…the horn of Africa

Lately, there has been a lot of uproar to boost tourism in Ethiopia. The sad part is, many do not know about the beauty and charm of this amazing country. Crime and violence is almost nil in Ethiopia. You might encounter some scams and travel hassles, but that will not keep you from travelling on flights to Africa.

Things to do in Ethiopia:

Explore National Museum of Ethiopia

Visit Entoto Hill, St. Mary’s, Shiro Meda Market

Edna Mall and Bole Medhane Alem Cathedral

Savour Ethiopian Food

Stroll through Addis Mercato 

Seychelles…heavenly islands

Seychelles is an African gem. With no bad and horrifying news, the destination brims with enchanting and soul-pleasing places such as Petite Anse and Mahe. You will surely love experiencing an smooth-sailing lifestyle. Seychelles has transformed several of its tiny atolls into lush national parks. That’s how the government preserves the panoramic beauty of the country while allowing travellers to see it for themselves!

Things to do in Seychelles:

Rock climb and zipline

Scuba dive and discover the local marine life

Island Hop

Tour Victoria (capital of the largest island of Mahé)

Capture every sunrise and sunset

There’s a saying – ‘there is no particular time to visit Africa’. With Africa flights from London, the best time is whenever you’re ready to take in the wilderness and merge in the assorted customs. Just bear in mind, that the poorest nations of Africa are not literary dangerous, hence, the entire continent is your playground. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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