Handle the 10 Best Greek Beauties with Greece holidays


Santorini is totally an idyllic spot of lovers. It poses a prefect Greek island getaway filled with charming features. Blue-domed churches, cobbled streets, white-washed villages build a romantic picture with dark sands and white cliffs. Nothing is boring about Santorini holidays all inclusive. Experience Greece holidays among nature with tranquil resorts and meander through the vibrant Santorini town.



The capital city of Athens rises above the city as modernism evolves alongside the urban. The magnificent Acropolis is crowned by the iconic Parthenon temple depicting new wave of art and culture. Enjoy stylish innovative restaurants, shops and hotels that continue to open. The city remains a city of contradictions as well as seductive – a terrific mix of grace with the unavoidable urban soul.




Meteora is amazingly perched atop the rocky structures in Thessaly housing striking monasteries in Greece. The place describes remarkable six Greek Orthodox monasteries. The closest town is Kalambaka at the base that has accommodation for overnight visitors as well as some medieval churches.



Delphi is renowned for its oracle of Apollo and the sanctuary. The city is home to the Pythian Games and a prominent Greek treasury. Admire the earliest location of the Amphictyonic League. The city is an archaeological site and a modern town located on the south-western spur of Parnassus Mountain in the Phocis Valley.




Crete is a magnetizer with remarkable history, fascinating island landscapes, diverse culture, intriguing caves, majestic fortresses and the dynamism of every Greek element. Capture spectacular mountains and gorges that extend out into the sea. Learn about the culture and traditions by the friendly locals and try out their traditional dress too.




Mykonos is glamorous, fashionable and bears a reputation of style. Beneath the glitter there is a charming entertaining place where holidaymakers make the most of their good-times. One needs to get prepared to face jostling street scenes, forlorn parties, handful of beaches in Greece. Be at awe at the stylish restaurants and bars, appealing shops and a serene old town famous for its archaeological splendor.




The southern peninsula seems to possess the best of everything that is Greek. The cultural richness and the natural beauty of Peloponnese can hardly be describable. Explore the medieval remains and fabulous Turkish, Venetian and Frankish. Admire battle towers and ancient churches preserved extra-ordinarily. Beyond all this profusion, Peloponnese is a marvelous place to explore and relax at the beaches and trek into the forests and valleys.




Drown in the atmosphere of Rhodes and get surrounded by abundant beaches, fertile lush valleys, vivid culture and amazing history. You may choose to seek the vibrant nightlife, dive in the crystal clear water and stroll through the past civilizations. No doubt you are taken back to the Byzantine Empire and beyond.




Corfu holidays is described as the Garden of Eden, the Emerald Isle. This rich and captivating island has large and modern resorts, array of magical beaches, fishing villages, wild and fertile plains, lofty mountains and a gigantic diversity of wildlife. Take your holidays in Corfu and encounter 600 species of wild flowers as well as other wild creatures.




Thessaloniki is a mine of cultural attractions that is staggering. The clustered city life is not bothering, because of what lies beyond. Start your tour with the White Tower and spend the day shopping at the Tsimiski Street and at the main market of Modiano. The city rambles along the coastline like an arc. The Ferry Port and the Ancient City Walls are a true crowd puller.

Get your bagpacking tips on the back of your hand and plunge into the cheap Greece holidays with your family never before.


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