Holi Celebrations 2014 in Different Parts of India

India is a land of myriads of colourful festivals and Holi seems the most vibrant one which is   celebrated at the onset spring. Since it is the national festival of the country there are some deep rooted traditions attached to it.  As a tourist you can enjoy the real Holi at the right places which is celebrated with full galore. Take a look at some of the best places to celebrate Holi in India.

Lath Mar Holi of Barasana Uttar Pradesh

Lath Mar Holi is the most amazing way to celebrate Holi in India and it is not always the Indian men that rule the roost. During this festival the women of Barsana in Uttar Pradesh use a stick to hit men who want to play Holi with them. It is an ancient tradition in the town and the Lath Mar Holi is played around a week before the main day of the festival. Being a tourist it is simply worth experiencing this festive fervour in this small town. Other highlights of the festival are that sweets are distributed and religious songs to honour Radha and Krishna are sung.

Purulia West Bengal

Purulia district in West Bengal celebrates Holi in a special way. This cultural town is 246 km far away from Kolkata and takes about 5 hours to reach. The main spotlight of the festival is the unique Chau dance, Natua dance and other activities that take place for three days. Every
year Purulia attracts thousands of tourists to West Bengal that come
here to witness the festival of colours.

Holi Celebrations in Delhi

When it comes to Holi celebrations Delhi the capital city of India cannot be left out. It celebrates the festival of colours in a modern way. It is tough to stay away from colours on this festival which has been popularised as the ‘Holi Cow’. Every year private Holi parties are
organised and if you want to be a part of it then you need to purchase tickets for entry. This Holi party is all about happening DJs, bands, bhang, vibrant colours and lip-smacking street food.

Mumbai Maharashtra

Mumbai is the often known as the commercial capital of India and is inhabited by people from all over the country. Holi is a special festival for Mumbaikers as they love to celebrate this festival in a traditional as well as modern way. Private Holi parties are also organised but the locality wise celebration is something which is not to be missed. Therefore, it depends on you where you want to celebrate Holi in Mumbai but make sure you head to safe places and go for eco-friendly Holi.

Vrindavan  Holi Uttar Pradesh

Holi celebration is special in Vrindavan being the home town of Lord Krishna. It is another most popular destination in India to celebrate the festival of colours. It is a place where Lord Krishna spent most of his childhood days. It is only 181 KM far away from Delhi and takes about 3 hours to reach.  During this festival various tour and travel companies provide special Holi packages for tourists coming to India.
Pushkar Rajasthan

Holi in Pushkar Rajasthan

Pushkar is not is famous for its colourful fairs but also for Holi celebrations. Apart from locals, it lures foreigners from all over the world due to cultural traditions and vibrant natural beauty. Tourists from all over the globe come to participate in this festival. On the day of the festival you’ll see everyone smeared with bright dry colours enjoying the festive mood. These are natural as well chemical colour so nowadays people are more conscious and prefer to go for herbal colours.

Holi in Gujarat

Gujarat is another state in India that the headlines during the festival of Holi. The locals are always excited to celebrate this festival especially the younger generation. There is tradition of tying the earthen pot on a height and then a group of young boys form a team to break the buttermilk pot. This is very popular as people climb on each other to make a human pyramid and conventional songs are sung to encourage the participants while breaking this pot.

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