Holidays to Spain: What You Never Knew About the La Tomatina Festival

A tiny Spanish town with name of Bunol celebrates the fervour of La Tomatina with great zest. By far, this festival is marked as the most crowd-fetching event exploding with colour. Each year people gather in huge numbers, taking a break from the mundane lifestyle to rejoice and refurbish the days ahead.

People who come to La Tomatina face the issue of getting an accommodation, so many people take the cushy option of staying nearby the vicinity, Valencia, which is just 23 miles to Bunol by local conveyance offers a wide range of hotels and resorts, that will surely suit every pocket.

Certain Facts about the La Tomatina

1) Largest Food Fight on the Planet :-  Each year, approximately 40,000 enthusiasts travel to this small Mediterranean town to splash each other with pecks of tomatoes, hitting and fluttering in a playful manner. Couples enjoy
each other’s company a lot, even getting engaged in this coltish combat. The shops are covered with thick plastic sheets in order to maintain cleanliness and to prevent any damage while the tomatoes are tossed over.

2) Origination of La Tomatina :- A street fight broke out back in 1945 during ‘La Tomatina’ when a participant started to pelt everyone with vegetables and the witnessing crowd started indulging in the same battle. This lead to the repeated occurrence of event in later years, which was then banned in 50’s, but the zeal could not be curbed and the tradition was brought back in a more refined and a frolicky form.

3) Other Festivities in Synchronization with La Tomatina :- Other festivals that stand contemporary to the La Tomatina are the massive slug feast, and others like large ‘Paella’ cooking contests that hit the town at the same time.

4) The Beginning of the Flight :- A slice of ham marks the beginning of the fight. The dropping of the hanging slice from the greased pole in a crowded town square called the ‘Palo Jabon’, allows the game to begin. The crowd cheers, encouraging the festive air as well as the people,while enjoying the showers from water hoses. As soon as the slice of ham is dropped from the pole, the loud signal goes off and the fight begins.

5) Tomatoes are Boon in Disguise :- Tomatoes act as great disinfectants. The fire fighters clean the streets and the people get rid off their adorned skin with water hoses at the end of battle. The streets look strikingly clean and clear as the acidic nature of tomatoes act as great disinfectants and purifiers.

6) La Tomatina Bagatelle :- An attempt was made to recreate the festival in places such as Nevada, Chicago, Costa Rica and more. It turned out to be a total failure due to mass condemnation regarding the festival.

Some specific instructions to be followed by the people during the festival:
• The tomatoes have to be crushed before throwing at anyone to avoid injuries.
• Do not throw bottles, metals or hard objects on people.
• Do not tear anyone’s clothes or throw T-shirts at the crowd
• Other dynamics are not allowed except tomatoes.
• All the participants have to give way for smooth transference of ongoing vehicles.
• After the indication to end the festival is given, no more tomatoes should be splashed at anyone.

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