How Can a Day in Paris be Unforgettable

How many lives does one need, to explore Paris thoroughly? There are travellers who have enjoyed a good number of days with flights to Paris, and they barely had dug the surface. The moment you think you have seen the best, newer attractions and scenic landscapes emerge, leaving you totally dumbfounded and more craved to explore the city the best way you can.

Speaking about flights to Europe, the evergreen Paris was once famous for its attractions, roadside cafes and markets, and the same features attract tourists even today, but in the recent years, it has become more expansive and elaborated. It is impossible to try to see it all. If you are here for three days, you do need more time to see the iconic highlights of this breathtaking city. I recommend spending at least five amazing days to see, feel, explore, enjoy and experience what the ‘City of Lights’ can offer.

Come, Take a Walk With Me…

So, where do we start? Well, you can spend your first day walking around Paris. Sounds good?

Begin your walk at Champs-Elysees and explore the iconic Arc de Triomphe. The crowd is scanty and you will get an amazing view of the city. Just pass by Jardin des Tuilleries, stop and marvel at the Lourve before heading towards Rue Rivoli and finally stopping in the centre of the city.

With Paris flights, visit Notre Dame and capture the enticing Gothic cathedrals. Reach early to avoid the long queue. Step down to explore the underground Roman ruins and the churches with stained glass windows and statues. Towards the south, lies Latin Quarter. The district is quite captivating, but as you get off the track, you will find yourself in a maze of alleys, cafes and food courts. This is a unique way to get lost in the bosom of Paris.

If you can make it, then head towards the Church of Saint Sulplice. Look out for strange symbols and hidden words in this church. Lift your eyes off the symbols and admire how grand the structure is. Well, I guess it’s time to sip coffee and order some snack at a cafe.

Interested in Museums?

With an endless display of art, you could spend a lifetime admiring the ‘city of art’ and yet see nothing! If you do not enjoy religious art, the Lourve museum is worth seeing and for that you least 4-5 hours to explore all the ancient masterpieces.

Spark up your flights to Paris from London, by exploring the Musee d”Orsay, which is situated quite close to the Lourve. This is a favourite museum for many; you will be able to marvel at priceless masterpieces by all the famous artists.

Before you get hungry, you can finish your sightseeing at the Musée de l’Orangerie. This museum showcases eight famous paintings that are kept in two separate rooms. We recommend you to get the Paris Museum pass, as it will save you some pounds.

Palace of Versailles

Take out a full day to visit the Palace of Versailles, located towards the outskirts of the city. Spend the day discovering the chateau and meander through the beautiful gardens. Versailles is stunning, so do not hurry to explore all of it with Crystal Travel.

Eiffel Tower

Welcome to the legendary Eiffel Tower! This is something that is spellbinding and enjoyable with Paris flights from London. The morning time is the best to admire it, till you are satisfied. Be there right when it opens, so you will be able to avoid the crowd. The surrounding parks are extremely perfect for a family picnic. Do not fail to stop and applaud at the little kids on the roadside, dancing to a Michael Jackson number.

Rue Cler

Situated near the Eiffel Tower, the Rue Cler is quite an interesting street, that is filled with good Parisan delicacies. You will find cheese, bread and a variety of chocolates. You will not be able to walk away without buying a chunk of food item. Sample one and carry some back.

The Spine-chilling Catacombs

Now here’s something fascinating – the Catacombs, of course! This attraction goes on for miles and miles holding millions of bones in the tunnels. This particular attraction might seem grim, but an interesting historical chapter opens up right before your eyes. They mostly remain closed, so check the time before going down. Avail Paris flights and enjoy saving up to spend on something you love while holidaying in the city.

Rue Mouffetard

Inhale and fill your lungs as you step into Rue Mouffetard. This street is filled with tiny cafes, boutique shops, an appealing outdoor market, aroma of coffee and bakery products. It is a wonderful street to just stroll down or sit at a cafe and watch the world pass by. Do stop by the nearby Place de la Contrescarpe, where artists come and spend their time. There are a few famous and inexpensive restaurants too. Come here with a good appetite to sample city’s best mouth-watering

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