How Exciting Africa is in November and December

Africa has a lot to be proud of. The colourful nation draws visitors with flights to Africa from all over the world towards its flourishing cities, its natural beauty, people and towards the unusual life with flights to Africa. The diversity that is offered is extremely unparalleled to many countries. It is said – It’s the sun, sea, wildlife and people that makes Africa to what it is now. In November, the continent starts getting warmer and in December the rains creep in. Sun lovers will enjoy the timing of the sun as it sets late and rises earlier. It means – Summer!!!
People mostly flock towards the beaches as activities start to roll early. Coastal cities such as Mauritius, Zanzibar and Seychelles are stunning and pave the way for visitors to flock in with tickets to Africa. If you are looking for safari, plan and choose your destination wisely; summers also mean the start of the rainy season with animals on the move. As soon as the rains trigger, elephants, antelopes and buffaloes disperse from the waterholes in search of some green graze.
The Blessings of Africa in November…
November is in the middle of some peak game viewing, which means visitors swarming in with tickets to Africa, can avail the value for money ‘shoulder season’ in few major safari regions, where bird-watching is in its full potential. In East Africa, the November rains initiate one of nature’s remarkable sight: the wildebeest migration. From flourishing grazing grounds in the Masai Mara, the huge herds move towards southern Serengeti, transforming Tanzania into a worthwhile destination in November.
South Africa enjoys the blessings of the sun in November, bringing in flights from London to Africa from Crystal Travel. The most famous Table Mountain, Cape Point and Boulder’s Beach are uncrowded with people, but crowded by penguins. Drive down to the Cape Point Vineyards and towards Garden Route.
The Blessings of Africa in December…
In December, the northern hemisphere is enveloped with dark and cold winters, Africa expresses a warm welcome. It’s summer in Africa and several places are in their best form. The migrations are taking place and greenery begins to fill the undulating hills. Beach holidays are amazing and sunniest at the Indian Ocean destinations and people are getting ready for Christmas and New Year, by searching for flights to Africa. In 2014 Travel Awards, Cape Town was tagged as the World’s Best City. In December, the Cape thrives with vineyards, mountains and beaches and this Mother City becomes buzzing with crowd.
With flights from UK to Africa, you will not mind travelling to the Kalahari Desert in December. In fact you should! You will not believe what you see. The place sizzles with green grass and brims with beasts and birds. A gang of zebras can be found snorting their way to a fresh graze. No doubt, the Kalahari region is a paradise for lion herds, cheetahs and hyenas.
In summers, Africa is quite busy and rains do start, but visitors can bag good deals and enjoy the places all by yourself. Most enjoy Christmas on the beaches, mainly on the hammock with gentle breeze from the palm tree.

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