Bratislava Beer does the Talking

The Slovakian capital city of Bratislava, no doubt, is a peaceful beast, lurking in the grayish shadows of Budapest and Vienna, often seen in a great rush as if the tourists are making an impact for more of the vistas of those cities.
Tourists love to escape with Bratislava city breaks and take a walk around the castle; a palatable dining can start you off mumbling about some gold mine that has been unearthing in the city.
The city boasts of something far more appealing and sparkling than its Danube counterparts: the golden beer falls.
Beer is a serious matter in Bratislava, compared to its neighbor – Prague. Innovative and independent pubs and microbreweries can be unveiled from the back streets.
Unlike Prague, the art of beer-making is taken very seriously, and in recent years unique and exciting trend has developed – microbreweries popping in various places and crevices of the city. These intriguing caves highly specialize in lagers that are solely home-produced. Such places are always crammed with guzzling locals who have grown tired of their mundane life.
If you are a beer enthusiast, you wouldn’t resist a weekend to delve into these much-talked beer cubbyholes with holidays in Bratislava.
Can these beer dens really match up to the affluent and famous Slovak and Czech beers? Get your mind on these run-downs:
Meštiansky Pivovar
Just ahead of the main shopping street, Obchodna lays in the surprising vicinity of Meštiansky Pivovar. The three-storied gigantic pub came into being in 2010, and since then it strives to create and recreate the magic, drawing hordes of beer lovers to the original look-alike brewery of 1477, that was demolished. The newer establishment combines modern brewing methods with old recipes giving a tinted color formation of dark and light forms.
With Bratislava London flights imagine you sitting on the second floor, surrounded with old Texas-styled ambience and an old map of Bratislava. Visitors usually choose the dark option and order mouth-watering beef dishes, served with bread, radish and mustard.
The Beer has a blackcurranty taste and goes well with a piquant meal.
Explore Zámocký Pivovar
At Zamocky, a packful of visitors seems to collect around the gothic built castle. It is located just 200m down the slope, very close to the city walls. The hub offers a modern look with a dark-wooded interior with simple tables. The center piece of attraction is the huge beer tank that is clustered around with smokers.
Starosloviensky Pivovar
With short holidays to Europe visitors love the cosier affair in Starosloviensky Pivovar. The place is decked out like wooden mountain cabin where beer is celebrated in a large scale. You’ll be enthralled with the setup in here: sheepskin rug, farmer’s tool, wooden benches and waiters in traditional outfits.
The Bratislavian brew is famed as Pressburg, full of flavor with yeasty ale and a iota that is heavier than the average pint.
Omama Shop Cafe
The university area may not be as alluring as the city center, but it does boast of some high-quality pubs. The Omama does stock several wheat beers and malt.
Every inch of the wall is wall-covered with old Soviet plates, a grand piano sits in one of the rooms and the tables are engraved with old beer receipts. Overall, the cafe radiates warmth and a satisfying ambiance.
All beer lovers out there! The Slovakian capital is not only about beers. When the sun goes down the city has a dazzling array of amazing places: large restaurants to sample the best beer along with other international cuisines. With flights to Bratislava mix in with the crowd and hear amazing tales of the traditional city.
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