How to Handle Your Angriest Customer

Hard words do not always exhibit a deep insight. The grievances that are made by the customer are not always a sign that something is wrong.Every feedback and message that the customer gives, needs to be given acceptance. Many a times, a negative experience can be taken positively and turned into an opportunity. You can check crystal travel reviews for Example.

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Why Does A Complaint Matter

A survey shows that in 9 out of 10 cases, a customer will stick to a travel agency even after a slip-up or a slight fault. The thing is, if the problem is solved at the first go. Heard the term, first impression is the last?


Look beyond the saga for solution

It’s a total misconception, that if someone is rude and anger, his/her word has no gravity. Complaints can contain insights and valuable issues. The job is to, set the friction and calm the matter. It is said, feedback is great for telling where you did wrong, but not good that what should be done next.


Organize Justified Complaints

Few customers will nag you and trouble you by asking more and more free stuff. Requests turn into demands and the agency starts getting multiple messages. You need to be simple and make it easy. Just make note of meaningful complaints and feedbacks.


Three Kinds of Customers

Here are a few notable people that will slide into your mailbox:

The Meek Customer will avoid being a burden and you will need to keeping asking in order to dig deeper.

The Aggressive Customer is outspoken and not letting you know what’s going on in the mind. Avoid beating around the bush and be firm and polite but not submissive.

The Highest Roller will demand every account and he/she is not in favour of any excuses.

The Complainer will get in touch with you very often and his/her issues demand attention at any cost. You need patience, but once the deal is clear and clean, the customer will keep on singing your praises.


Never Be Passive-Aggressive

The most irritating phrase is – We are sorry you are going through this issue. It’s a kind of a blame or irresponsibility. Many customers use this statement on the phone. Just be sorry for the problem, even if the customer is being unreasonable. Just apologize and let them know you will soon resolve the issue. Keep it friendly, professional and keep it moving.

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