How to Keep Kids Entertained while Travelling

Does travelling with toddlers and teenagers put you off in fear? Now there’s no need to let anxiety reign while travelling on a long-haul trip with your kids. Whether it’s a 6-8 hour road drive, or an overnight flight to your dream destination, taking your kids along is do-able, if you are prepared.
We have put together an amazing selection of games and activities to keep your kid engrossed and entertained.

Classic Goose Game

Heard about the common Goose Game? This can easily come in your travel bag and can be played anywhere, by anyone! Since it’s made of fabric, it’s not that bulky to fit into any luggage.


There’s Dobble, and Dobble comes in a little tin which is easy to pack and carry around. You won’t believe that this is such a fun game loved by the grown-ups too.


Uno is loved by all. It’s the ultimate family-friendly card game and can be carried in your pockets easily.


The handy game is really adorable and eco. It comprises of wooden pieces that can be played with. No wonder it’s easy to tuck in a suitcase or travel bag.

Educational Games

Don’t we love instructive games and storybook apps such as Peekaboo Barn for smaller kids? Here, the iPad comes in very handy. Bizzy Bear is one of the most common names, and so is. There are educational maths apps like Appracadabra and Park Math that can keep your kid busy.

Audio Books

Not to forget audio books prove to be a saving grace for road trips! Books, especially for kids and hi-teens that talk about fairy-tales and novels are a boon to them and to parents too!

Sticker books

Sticker books are convenient when you’re flying and your kids are forced to sit still on their own. The restickable stickers are easy to handle and can be used over and over again. Books such as ‘All around the World and Around the World with Mouk’ are a favourite for many.
Smaller kids would love the fabulous Travel Bingo game.
Creating a dog-fish and dino-cars can be lot of fun. The innovative Deus Mix ‘n’ Match sketchbook has a perforated line so you can separate your sketches and create your art.

Games we have grown up with

Lastly, there are games that can be played without any products! Most of such are age-old games that we have played as children, and our parents played before us. They’re just too good while you’re driving or merely relaxing on the grass. Refresh your memory, with these:
  • Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
  • I spy with my little eye: always a favourite!
  • Charades: requires paper, a pen and a strong imagination.
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors is an always exciting!
  • Knucklebones or ‘Five Stones’: All you need are five little stones.

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